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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Otokotachi No Mahae 3


This chapter is a fucking cliffhanger in the worst blueballs way  but I'll be releasing chapter four real soon so no worries.  Once again Happy New Year and enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holdays

It won't be a christmas release as planned but I'm working on getting the last 2 chapters of Otokotachi no Mahae out before the New Year.   Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you very much.

I'll be honest in that I wasn't expecting any significant form of income from this and it was honestly just for fun so I left my paypal account alone and I want to send out a thanks to the person who donated back in early December I'm sorry I sent out this thanks so late and I want to express my gratitude. Once again thank you very very very very very much for your contribution and I'll be sure to continue to do my best in providing for you guys and the community.

Thank you so much.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Otokotachi no Mahae - Chapter 2

What's this? A release in the SAME MONTH, and it's not a post complaining about translating or a random status update like a personal blog.  REAL CONTENT! Wooo! yaaaaay!
 Let's keep the pace going positive thinking woo!!

My favorite line in this chapter "Yo, we don't need the play by play". I kinda wanted to make it Yo DAWG but I felt that was pushing it a little.  They aren't that kind of gang....stas...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ron 9's doujinshi

It's Done.  Unless it is for large sums of money I will never translate work from ron9 again OR AT LEAST until I am more proficient in translating.  Let's get back to translating the good stuff, wooo Seizoh Ebisubashi and Tsukasa Matsuzaki YEEAAAAAAH.  I have finals in two weeks but I have a bit of free time so I WANT TO GET MORE THINGS RELEASED NOW. Honestly after reading part of Hanayuke that watcher posted a few days ago the difference in writing style is so much more noticeable instead of my original misconception when I started translating: "ITS ALL JUST JAPANESE RIGHT LULZ?"

Heck I actually found a yaoi with mix of bara characters and the odd pretty boy that had the tiny hurigana next to all of the kanji like it was Shonen Jump or something, which was pretty cool. A rare occurrence in porn but a pleasant one.  Anyways this ordeal is done and if the internet ever gets a hold of that ron9 furry/human police comic that was mentioned some time ago I will be dreading and looking forward to reading it.

Oh and theres still a cleaned Gai Mizuki from back when Tiger & Bunny was popular woo.

See you all around.   ヾ(・_・)

Help pay for my education! And support me at the same time!

Monday, November 28, 2011

More whining and stuffs

I'm pushing out the last few pages but I just need to rant more about ron9 because I haven't done enough already.  This guy seems to exist just to rub in my lack of kanji knowledge and some of them are so annoying that I just FEEL its justified to claim them unnecessary.  For those of you who have a marginal or greater understanding of Japanese I hope you can sympathize with me.

Things like ここ, or とにかく things that USUALLY I'm saying this from my experience the 30+ manga that I've translated that you don't USUALLY put these in kanji form, kana is JUST FINE.  Having to take time translating things like 此処(ここ) or 兎に角(とにかく) which at first i was like 兎(bunny) and 角(corner/edge) what the hell does that mean.  I understand that other languages have figurative language and all that stuff I'm not THAT ignorant and biased towards my native tongue but....jeez this is just frustrating to no end.


OR UNTIL THERE IS PROOFREADING LEFT AND I HAVE TO SLEEP. it'll be uploaded tomorrow(which is literally tonight). cya then folks.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Ron9 making up new kanji?

Or am I just terrible? I'm voting for the latter.

No seriously I spent forever looking this up, I've got 益 but I do not see that radical after it which is pretty annoying. So yeah hopefully wohdin or someone more knowledgeable can save me from this, because I'd like to get this ron9 over with so I can move onto translating "better" manga

more fun teasers

Sure I'm working on it, but aside from ron9's awkward usage of kanji that SHOULD be kept in kana form but that's just me complaining because I'm rusty.  So yeah it's got lotsa pages so I'll leave you with this since its partially related.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Status Update

Midterms are starting and I'm going to get a job tutoring so once my midterms are over I'll be able to finish up and release that ever so delayed ron9 comic that I teased about like....two months ago? Jeez, anyways that's the news, I'll see you all then! (゚▽゚)o

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Otokotachi no Mahae Chapter One

Time for chapter one of a four part series!  This story started off good except the main pairing annoys me for a very silly and picky reason.  The only reason there is any kind of romance between the two is simply stockholm syndrome where the captive starts emp/sympathizing(one of the two) with their captor.  Let's also not forget the fact that the guy is gay but clearly doesn't want to take it up the butt once for his five days, found bleeding in the street, new lover.  At least he doesn't do it on camera that is, well aside from my completely biased and demanding gripes that the bigger guy is always on the receiving end like always ebisu does any amazing job and he does a great job with making an interesting backstory with the characters.  There's also a little reference to one of his other works(that I'm still fumbling through) so see if you spot it all you ace readers out there.   Anyways chapter two will come out AFTER I finish the Ron9 commission that I herped on for so long and then never got to finishing up.   With that being said originally the commisionner (commisionee?) wanted me to release this as one big all four chapters release we came to the understanding that my avid fans were getting restless and they needed to be sated so there you are.  Next time I get to posting will be the ron9 comic!

Chapter One

Commissioned by EO Thanks for your support!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update with a widdle teaser

First off just a picture no download aside from the this click on it to zoom in and all that (although aside from the panting there isn't much) This one is a big commission I've been trucking through inbetween study hours, job hunting and the works. 

Classes are good, job hunt is in good shape friend of mine is putting in a good word at a networking position so things are looking up oh and no I'm not dead. 

Obviously my priority is managing my RL and stuffs so the intermittent will be continuing but yes I am still translating just at a ...three-toed sloth's pace which I LOOKED IT UP ON THE INTERNETS is the slowest animal in the world mkay it's pretty slow.    Honestly I didn't want to post unless it was a release but I guess I owe the courtesy of a small update so people don't think I'm gone for good. 

Thanks for keeping in touch everyone I'll be back around again!ヾ(・▽・)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amazing coloring job done by kumpex92

Posting it in the chatbox all sneaky like I didn't even notice it until now this major thanks to you sir for your amazing work! kumpex has given a link with a special credits page and in FULL color the WHOLE thing freaking amazing.

They Hunger v.2

aaaaamgawds this is awesome.

Favorite part has to be the little colored pattern on the last panel haha, a really nice touch makes the joke a lot funnier :3

monks demons and stuff - ron 9 update

The fact that I haven't translated the title yet SHOULD be a bad sign but hey on the bright side I'm almost done with the character introductions, just an update for everyone lest I don't make it by midnight,


Just want to make that clear, of course it someone asks they will be dealt with in a swift and trollish manner.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Solid Snake pixiv manga

This one was interesting to translate mainly because since it was taken from pixiv the quality was less than stellar so I had to take a few liberties at some parts, so if it starts sounding goofy/weird you know why.  Lots of handwritten stuff in there too, to further increase the madness.

This was a commission from darksand17

Thanks for the support~!

Solid Snake

Delightful delays of dissapointment

Release on its way no thanks to mediafire :(

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am still away from home so I won't be able to update today :( I'll try and make it back by tomorrow

Friday, August 12, 2011

un coup de soliel part 6

This story, I am such a fan of tsukasa matsuzaki and I'll just spare you all the extremely biased rant about how amazing this is.

Enjoy, sorry it's a bit late~

un coup de soliel part 6

Okay I lied, I just love the way he draws their silly expressions, that look he had on his face on the last priceless I'll leave it at that.
Edit:(08/13/12) Okay so I totally messed this up and I'll have to correct it eventually but this is actually part...6? I believe it came from a series of Shouka Dou mangas that matsuzaki did with takeshi matsu.  I translated parts 5 and 6, the next part (the one you're asking for) part 7 JUST came out and I don't have a copy of it but I'm sure I will eventually.   The other parts, 2&3 that I don't have are also extremely rare to get and I have no idea if I'll ever get my hands on them.

Edit:(11/13/12): So after much "research" I have concluded that I've only translated Un coup de soleit parts 5 and 6 from Shouka Dou 5 & 6, I'd like to translate the rest of but I don't have access to the raws of 1-3...on the bright side though Tsukasa Matsuzki released 1-3 on digiket so if anyone gets their hands on it I can finish up the whole series!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

un coup de solei Part 5 Tsukasa Matsuzaki

It means sunburn in french. Enjoy! (this is part 5 of a 7 part series 2this is from Shouka Dou 5) I did them out of order without realizing it until much later... if anyone has the raws from 1-3 or is willing to purchase them I'll finish up the whole series!

Un Coup De soleil - Part 5

also its from Tsukasa Matsuzaki Wheeeeeeeeee~

Something funny I noticed is that Satoshi's hair changes so much during the story, and it's not even during parts where time passes like each page its length differs greatly. It also makes him look older and then suddenly younger again too haha, oh well all I care about is the teacher anyways~

This is a part of EO's commission,
Thanks for the support!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GO WEST - Takeshi Matsu

And you thought I wasn't going to release anything until tomorrow, well I sure fooled you!

 So much to explain with this jeez,
This a parody of the travel west a Chinese folktale, which is more commonly know (and more directly referenced) as Saiyuki in Japan/Anime circles.  Although in comparison to the show they've mostly taken the names and not the personalities of the characters over.  With that in mind, Hakkai is part demon in the show so that explains his "demonic abilities" as mentioned in the story.  Son Goku (also used in DBZ) has a magically extending staff, this OF COURSE is his penis in this rendition and they go as far to use the Kanji for the staff and everything.  The "enemy" this time is Kinkaku&Ginkaku(guy at the end) who in the Saiyuki story possess a gourd that allows them to collect "bad children"s' souls.

Enjoy this and thanks to EO for another commission, and of course I'll still be seeing you all tomorrow!

 GO WEST - Takeshi Matsu
 Right? D:  hope so~

Now to rant about the pairings, I wanted Hakkai to get fucked so bad this story and he tops every time they show him and of course Matsu teases me by pulling a, "oh I made this guy come 8 times off 'camera' but you won't get to see it even once"  Blehhhh, not to mention Hakkai risked ruining their whole plan just so he could get a chance to fuck Son Goku, but then again Son Goku played the tsundere character so he had it coming I guess.  That aside, good story has some humor and I have no idea if this continues or not this was a commission after all.

oh and EO the 2nd half of your commission is being worked on I wanted to separate the stories by author.

Thanks for your support!~

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chat Box!

For those expecting an update sorry if I crushed your hopes and dreams, but I took a leaf out of Aniki's book and used the same CBOX that he's using in his blog, so if you dont have a google/livejournal etc account you can still talk through it :)

See you soon~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The World's Most Wanted to Receive Health Class

I love the way this story goes, where it starts off with the teacher being 'in charge' and teaching the lesson and the roles completely swap by the end. It's a shame it was so short but it's good just the same. 
This one is another commission, Enjoy!
The World's Most Wanted to Receive Health Class

Thanks for the support!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mysterious Kanji of Legend (2/2 solved)

Barbarian is the "meaning"
and the kanji is 蛮
I thought the bottom half was 王
but it was actually 虫, silly me.

 <SOLVED>It is 破.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

computer locking up and other fun stuff

So I've been working on the translations but apparently running photoshop and winamp simulatenously is too taxing for my computer and it's been locking up nonstop.  I'm going to be spending time fixing this so I'm putting my releases on hold until then,  for those who commisioned me this WILL be fixed by monday and I WILL have your commision ready for you then. 

Thanks for your understanding


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Thought I'd have it sorted out by today so I used my one lifeline translation yesterday but of course overnight shipments turned to not be overnight so the release will be a bit delayed sorry for the inconvenience everyone :(

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fighter X White Mage

Quick break from Gai Mizuki all the time, I love this comic, short sweet and hilarious enjoy :D
artist can be found at pixiv. he cleaned out his old pixiv account a few months ago(it was still around when I made this post) so a good amount of his works are lost to the ages but he's still doing new art now and it's pretty awesome should so check it out.
Fighter X White Mage

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Captain's Orders

  Change of pace today, this one is my first commissions, from "hihikatamri"!  Have to say I loved the story as well great choice! Lucky you guys that he decided to share it with rest of you right? ;D

 I actually had a super hard time translating the artists the first page they call it an Original Work followed by: 居向田 太牟 which is his penname in magazines he appears in but Koujrou 晃字郎 is the name he uses on pixiv, he's the same artist who does Burst Beast who's supposed to be seizou ebusibashi I believe? Someone correct me on it i honestly have no idea haha
 anyways here's the release tomorrow we'll be going back to the Gai Mizuki work that i mentioned yesterday
Captain's Orders

made a stupid mistake and put the wrong persons name in the first version on who i commissioned too, also commission is spelled with two s'  awesome day for learning. and I'm going to be changing the theme back because my new posts with black text aren't showing up unless i change it all to white text and then it becomes a pain to edit... now i have 3 separate versions floating about woo~ oh well the one with hihikatamri and commission spelled right are the official ones and that's all i care about for now.  cya tomorrow!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

status update

Do you know how many freaking ways japan can make their characters moan?

too fucking many, i'm almost done.