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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Captain's Orders

  Change of pace today, this one is my first commissions, from "hihikatamri"!  Have to say I loved the story as well great choice! Lucky you guys that he decided to share it with rest of you right? ;D

 I actually had a super hard time translating the artists the first page they call it an Original Work followed by: 居向田 太牟 which is his penname in magazines he appears in but Koujrou 晃字郎 is the name he uses on pixiv, he's the same artist who does Burst Beast who's supposed to be seizou ebusibashi I believe? Someone correct me on it i honestly have no idea haha
 anyways here's the release tomorrow we'll be going back to the Gai Mizuki work that i mentioned yesterday
Captain's Orders

made a stupid mistake and put the wrong persons name in the first version on who i commissioned too, also commission is spelled with two s'  awesome day for learning. and I'm going to be changing the theme back because my new posts with black text aren't showing up unless i change it all to white text and then it becomes a pain to edit... now i have 3 separate versions floating about woo~ oh well the one with hihikatamri and commission spelled right are the official ones and that's all i care about for now.  cya tomorrow!


  1. aaaah i fucked up and put somoene eleses name as the person who commissioned it fffff sec ill repost a new verion

  2. lmao it's ok Leon.

  3. Hey Leon,

    Let's clear something up right off the bat, Koujirou is not the one who did Burst Beast, and is not Seizoh Ebisubashi (HIS PIXIV account is "Ebi" in Japanese, of course) The drawing style is totally different...

    The other thing is....I think the thing with the two names is that the drawing is by Koujirou, but the Original story is by 居向田 太牟. I hope this clear things up for you.


  4. For some reason, I couldn't download the previous doujin yesterday. Trying it again today, it worked! I can download both yesterday's and today's doujin just nicely. Must be a glitch on my behalf. Thanks for these lovelies, mang.

  5. oh okay yeah it is a common thing to have one person do story and the other do the art thanks for clearing that up! :D

  6. tks leon,can i know more works of this artist? Tks.