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Friday, August 12, 2011

un coup de soliel part 6

This story, I am such a fan of tsukasa matsuzaki and I'll just spare you all the extremely biased rant about how amazing this is.

Enjoy, sorry it's a bit late~

un coup de soliel part 6

Okay I lied, I just love the way he draws their silly expressions, that look he had on his face on the last priceless I'll leave it at that.
Edit:(08/13/12) Okay so I totally messed this up and I'll have to correct it eventually but this is actually part...6? I believe it came from a series of Shouka Dou mangas that matsuzaki did with takeshi matsu.  I translated parts 5 and 6, the next part (the one you're asking for) part 7 JUST came out and I don't have a copy of it but I'm sure I will eventually.   The other parts, 2&3 that I don't have are also extremely rare to get and I have no idea if I'll ever get my hands on them.

Edit:(11/13/12): So after much "research" I have concluded that I've only translated Un coup de soleit parts 5 and 6 from Shouka Dou 5 & 6, I'd like to translate the rest of but I don't have access to the raws of 1-3...on the bright side though Tsukasa Matsuzki released 1-3 on digiket so if anyone gets their hands on it I can finish up the whole series!


  1. you see what I did there~~
    so unprofessional my apologies.

  2. Hey Leon, did you still retain my email I sent you last week, can you start working on it? I will donate now.

  3. oh that ron9 one? sure thing, I've got a release for the 17th planned so next friday at the latest it'll be done :)

  4. >the way she draws their silly expressions
    Nooope. Tsukasa Matsuzaki is male, if you meant it.

  5. thanks for catching that silly typo didn't even notice bleh. I even its a guy because of his twitter/pixiv profile.

  6. uhm may i ask wat happened to part 3? I've been dying to know wat happen next :P

    1. this is actually part 6 now, I was very wrong when I was translating these I added more info to the post.

  7. I noticed you only had two of the un coup de soliel series.Are they hard to get a hold or something I really want to finish it.