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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GO WEST - Takeshi Matsu

And you thought I wasn't going to release anything until tomorrow, well I sure fooled you!

 So much to explain with this jeez,
This a parody of the travel west a Chinese folktale, which is more commonly know (and more directly referenced) as Saiyuki in Japan/Anime circles.  Although in comparison to the show they've mostly taken the names and not the personalities of the characters over.  With that in mind, Hakkai is part demon in the show so that explains his "demonic abilities" as mentioned in the story.  Son Goku (also used in DBZ) has a magically extending staff, this OF COURSE is his penis in this rendition and they go as far to use the Kanji for the staff and everything.  The "enemy" this time is Kinkaku&Ginkaku(guy at the end) who in the Saiyuki story possess a gourd that allows them to collect "bad children"s' souls.

Enjoy this and thanks to EO for another commission, and of course I'll still be seeing you all tomorrow!

 GO WEST - Takeshi Matsu
 Right? D:  hope so~

Now to rant about the pairings, I wanted Hakkai to get fucked so bad this story and he tops every time they show him and of course Matsu teases me by pulling a, "oh I made this guy come 8 times off 'camera' but you won't get to see it even once"  Blehhhh, not to mention Hakkai risked ruining their whole plan just so he could get a chance to fuck Son Goku, but then again Son Goku played the tsundere character so he had it coming I guess.  That aside, good story has some humor and I have no idea if this continues or not this was a commission after all.

oh and EO the 2nd half of your commission is being worked on I wanted to separate the stories by author.

Thanks for your support!~