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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Otokotachi no Mahae Chapter One

Time for chapter one of a four part series!  This story started off good except the main pairing annoys me for a very silly and picky reason.  The only reason there is any kind of romance between the two is simply stockholm syndrome where the captive starts emp/sympathizing(one of the two) with their captor.  Let's also not forget the fact that the guy is gay but clearly doesn't want to take it up the butt once for his five days, found bleeding in the street, new lover.  At least he doesn't do it on camera that is, well aside from my completely biased and demanding gripes that the bigger guy is always on the receiving end like always ebisu does any amazing job and he does a great job with making an interesting backstory with the characters.  There's also a little reference to one of his other works(that I'm still fumbling through) so see if you spot it all you ace readers out there.   Anyways chapter two will come out AFTER I finish the Ron9 commission that I herped on for so long and then never got to finishing up.   With that being said originally the commisionner (commisionee?) wanted me to release this as one big all four chapters release we came to the understanding that my avid fans were getting restless and they needed to be sated so there you are.  Next time I get to posting will be the ron9 comic!

Chapter One

Commissioned by EO Thanks for your support!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Update with a widdle teaser

First off just a picture no download aside from the this click on it to zoom in and all that (although aside from the panting there isn't much) This one is a big commission I've been trucking through inbetween study hours, job hunting and the works. 

Classes are good, job hunt is in good shape friend of mine is putting in a good word at a networking position so things are looking up oh and no I'm not dead. 

Obviously my priority is managing my RL and stuffs so the intermittent will be continuing but yes I am still translating just at a ...three-toed sloth's pace which I LOOKED IT UP ON THE INTERNETS is the slowest animal in the world mkay it's pretty slow.    Honestly I didn't want to post unless it was a release but I guess I owe the courtesy of a small update so people don't think I'm gone for good. 

Thanks for keeping in touch everyone I'll be back around again!ヾ(・▽・)