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Monday, September 12, 2011

Update with a widdle teaser

First off just a picture no download aside from the this click on it to zoom in and all that (although aside from the panting there isn't much) This one is a big commission I've been trucking through inbetween study hours, job hunting and the works. 

Classes are good, job hunt is in good shape friend of mine is putting in a good word at a networking position so things are looking up oh and no I'm not dead. 

Obviously my priority is managing my RL and stuffs so the intermittent will be continuing but yes I am still translating just at a ...three-toed sloth's pace which I LOOKED IT UP ON THE INTERNETS is the slowest animal in the world mkay it's pretty slow.    Honestly I didn't want to post unless it was a release but I guess I owe the courtesy of a small update so people don't think I'm gone for good. 

Thanks for keeping in touch everyone I'll be back around again!ヾ(・▽・)


  1. How the other commission coming along? Glad to hear you are doing well~

  2. mhm all is proceeding is planned hopefully both will be done by the end of the month....much sooner would be much nicer of course.

  3. That's great news! I am eagerly await the ron-9 translation.