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Friday, October 21, 2011


This never happened I deny the evidence presented against myself.


  1. Nope, it is 鹿 (deer)
    I don't do Kanji, but I know Chinese. I'm not sure if the meaning is the same for Japanese, but as far as Chinese goes, it means deer.

    Hehe, I'm looking forward to your next scanlation.

  2. WOW ITS FREAKING LOL I need to delete this I feel very stupid for not knowing what that kanji was and that is also ironic considering what it means. extremely ironic. jeez.

  3. to be fair it's VERY, VERY rare to see the actual kanji for that word being used, I only know it because I looked it up once for the sake of etymology and thought it was hilarious that "horse deer" means "idiot" (even though they're probably just used phonetically).

  4. Hey Leon,

    About "tamer" Tagame, some of his more recent work is tamer, like Inaka Isha, which talks about a doctor in a small village who likes to get fuck. There's also Lover Boy, and Pochi, but for Pochi, there's a scene where the main character is forced to drink urine,(from a cup, in his office)...