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Monday, November 28, 2011

More whining and stuffs

I'm pushing out the last few pages but I just need to rant more about ron9 because I haven't done enough already.  This guy seems to exist just to rub in my lack of kanji knowledge and some of them are so annoying that I just FEEL its justified to claim them unnecessary.  For those of you who have a marginal or greater understanding of Japanese I hope you can sympathize with me.

Things like ここ, or とにかく things that USUALLY I'm saying this from my experience the 30+ manga that I've translated that you don't USUALLY put these in kanji form, kana is JUST FINE.  Having to take time translating things like 此処(ここ) or 兎に角(とにかく) which at first i was like 兎(bunny) and 角(corner/edge) what the hell does that mean.  I understand that other languages have figurative language and all that stuff I'm not THAT ignorant and biased towards my native tongue but....jeez this is just frustrating to no end.


OR UNTIL THERE IS PROOFREADING LEFT AND I HAVE TO SLEEP. it'll be uploaded tomorrow(which is literally tonight). cya then folks.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Ron9 making up new kanji?

Or am I just terrible? I'm voting for the latter.

No seriously I spent forever looking this up, I've got 益 but I do not see that radical after it which is pretty annoying. So yeah hopefully wohdin or someone more knowledgeable can save me from this, because I'd like to get this ron9 over with so I can move onto translating "better" manga

more fun teasers

Sure I'm working on it, but aside from ron9's awkward usage of kanji that SHOULD be kept in kana form but that's just me complaining because I'm rusty.  So yeah it's got lotsa pages so I'll leave you with this since its partially related.