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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Ron9 making up new kanji?

Or am I just terrible? I'm voting for the latter.

No seriously I spent forever looking this up, I've got 益 but I do not see that radical after it which is pretty annoying. So yeah hopefully wohdin or someone more knowledgeable can save me from this, because I'd like to get this ron9 over with so I can move onto translating "better" manga


  1. seriously, use wakan, it has the best best bestest radical lookup method ever

    or if you have an iphone/ipod touch, get kotoba!, it has a similar lookup system

  2. 溢 means overflowing.

  3. that's just annoying because that top part looks like it's something completely different, I saw that kanji multiple times. But I never realized that it looked like that wow.....that's ridiculous. I've been using and really the only reason I couldn't find it this time is because I just didn't recognize it drawn out like that...

  4. I found it on jisho by looking it up by radicals. :D

  5. it's the same radical, they appear differently depending on the font (I believe it's just one of those radicals that have different shapes in the Japanese/Chinese contexts, or possibly simplified versus traditional).

  6. 溢 = Over FLowing, Spill, inundate

    On: Itsu

    Kun:afureru, michiru

  7. If you know how to write the characters, has a good java applet for finding variants. Yes it'll give you the Chinese for the character, but it includes a number of variants if it's been used different ways, including traditional and simplified variants. Think of it as getting to look up Latin roots for a word in a romance language.