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Monday, December 5, 2011

Otokotachi no Mahae - Chapter 2

What's this? A release in the SAME MONTH, and it's not a post complaining about translating or a random status update like a personal blog.  REAL CONTENT! Wooo! yaaaaay!
 Let's keep the pace going positive thinking woo!!

My favorite line in this chapter "Yo, we don't need the play by play". I kinda wanted to make it Yo DAWG but I felt that was pushing it a little.  They aren't that kind of gang....stas...


  1. I kinda wanted to make it Yo DAWG

    ...and now all I can hear is Xzibit going "YO DAWG I HEARD YOU LIKE DICK SO I PUT A DICK IN YOUR DICK SO YOU CAN FUCK WHILE YOU FUCK" in my head.

    Will read this newest release when I get the chance, though! And holy shit, you're almost back to being daily again!

  2. are the scanlators of this group male or female?

  3. I love you dawg! I mean you do so much for us.. thanks :P