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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ron 9's doujinshi

It's Done.  Unless it is for large sums of money I will never translate work from ron9 again OR AT LEAST until I am more proficient in translating.  Let's get back to translating the good stuff, wooo Seizoh Ebisubashi and Tsukasa Matsuzaki YEEAAAAAAH.  I have finals in two weeks but I have a bit of free time so I WANT TO GET MORE THINGS RELEASED NOW. Honestly after reading part of Hanayuke that watcher posted a few days ago the difference in writing style is so much more noticeable instead of my original misconception when I started translating: "ITS ALL JUST JAPANESE RIGHT LULZ?"

Heck I actually found a yaoi with mix of bara characters and the odd pretty boy that had the tiny hurigana next to all of the kanji like it was Shonen Jump or something, which was pretty cool. A rare occurrence in porn but a pleasant one.  Anyways this ordeal is done and if the internet ever gets a hold of that ron9 furry/human police comic that was mentioned some time ago I will be dreading and looking forward to reading it.

Oh and theres still a cleaned Gai Mizuki from back when Tiger & Bunny was popular woo.

See you all around.   ヾ(・_・)

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  1. What that yaoi/bara manga call? Want to share the link, lol.

  2. Hell yes! So glad you're back, Leon! You're the best thing to ever happen to the bara fan community, dude. I'm serious.

    Speaking of Ebisubashi's new manga, what did you think of it? Personally, it's probably my new favorite bara manga (considering Ebisubashi is my favorite bara mangaka, and this is my new favorite manga by him). Do you intend to translate it eventually?

  3. I got an offer for commissioning it but I refused because right now I have too much on my plate but yeah its definitely a possibility.

    Also the manga is SoredewaMinasan and I found it on nihonmaru's forum's bara group.

  4. From which manga have been adapted the doujinshi of Ron9...?