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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sansho wa Kotsubude by Tsukasa Matsuzaki Chapter 2

And we're done with chapter two, translating the afterword for this chapter took a bit longer and I was freaking out for a bit because watcherscollection went down hope it's just a short break like last time, that's usually where I get some of the newer RAWs when I translate....(update: he's banned from blogspot but will keep posting his releases on so all is well)

More funny things that happened while I was translating, I ran into the kanji combination on page 「裏筋」(うらすじ), urasji, which by definition is the "frenulum of prepuce of penis".  After laughing for a few minutes on just how ridiculously precise that was I translated it as "tip of the penis" then looked it up and realized it was the "scientific" term for foreskin and corrected myself.
Anyways, next week I'll aim for releasing it the MORNING of not the NIGHT after....should've been doing that in the first place anyways....bleh....

and thanks for the previous donation!