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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sansho wa Kotsubu de by Tsukasa Matsuzaki Chapter 1

(01/28/13)Here's the updated "HD" version I rereleased, the rest of it is still...buried in a layer of other things that need to be translated.
Chapter One! As ridiculous as this may sound coming from me I'm going to try and get back into a regular translating schedule so akin to the manga that I frequently read I'll be aiming for weekly releases each Sunday! I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I am/have/will/did!

The title is a parody(?) of the idiom
which means "small head but great wit" and further translated to me means something along the lines of
 "while small it still has it's strengths/good points/etc"

Funny thing while translating, one of the lines directly translates into "I'm going to shove it in all the way up to your colon!" which to me didn't seem like the greatest sex talk so yeah....I got a laugh out of that one.

silly typo on page 23, uploaded new version for those who care :P if you guys catch any I might have missed let me know haha.


  1. Thank you so much with all my heart~

  2. ...but...Christmas isn't for another 49 weeks and my birthday isn't until the end of April!

    (In other words: OH MY GOD THANK YOU. Or, as Chris Rock once said, "MY DICK THANKS YOU.")

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  4. help guys, nothing from chapter 1 to 6 works :(
    you can only download 6, 7, 8 and extras T_T
    can someone re-upload :(

  5. oh, have figured out the problem
    never mind all works just fine

  6. thank you for posting this link I'm going to put this up on the front page.