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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sansho wa Kotsubude Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Chapter 3

Chapter Three, this chapter has some silly moments one in particular is his family leaves the house so you never really meet them until the bonus chapter/epilogue, but they're gone because his cousin's sister is in labor but apparently his family is okay with him staying behind to wait for his gay boyfriend, alone, to apologize.  I got a good laugh from that whether it was intended implications not and I'm just reading too far into it.

Fixing page 25 don't know how that got by me lmfao. 

 ANYWAYS enjoy the story all of you see you next week~

Here's the fixed image so you don't have to redownload the whole thing as well.


  1. Are you trying to censor a word on page 25? I see your blog link in the middle of the page on one of the speech bubbles

  2. Not gonna lie, the next best part about this (aside from the...err...obvious) is the psychodrama.

    Re: the thing about Katsuya's family leaving him behind - well, he did have the flu (or at least a really severe cold, if he spiked a fever of 104), and he himself admits that he got put out of commission for almost a week. They probably figured that 1) he wasn't up to it and 2) having him still sick in a maternity ward wouldn't be a good idea.