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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sansho - Tsukasa Matsuzaki Chapter 7

Sorry for the delay everyone! So I'm going to be doing away with because it's been very buggy with people, although there are SOME of you who know how to make it work it's still causing other's problems....and if I left it like this I'd still get the money for it....but yeah not really worth explaining it to everyone.
So I'll be counting on your donations from now on, thanks for stopping by!

Chapter 7 
I love how I made that arrogant post about how posting more often is more beneficial for me and then I go again and screw myself over by procrastinating blegghhh self-control should be easier than this!  (゚ロ゚)o

Saturday, February 25, 2012

adfly problems

EDIT:  Fixed via a helpful soul I've put the link at the top of my site in red.

So for some reason there's a silly bug with where the links aren't being properly redirecting, so it's all on their end I'm sure it'll get worked out soon so just sit tight for now :P

if it doesn't get resolved anytime soon then I'm just going to drop and it'll be free season for all of you haha of course I'm going to have to go through each post and change the links around so it'll take some time of course, not much, but some :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sansho - Tsukasa Matsuzaki Chapter 6

Chapter 6, this one is a pretty big step up because Hiroshi mans up a bit, thankfully.  Probably my favorite chapter because it's pretty funny overall, but then again I throw that word around so much it's lost it's value by now right? haha  Pretty sure, I butchered the author's notes too...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Circular Notice at Midnight - Takaku Nozomu

That's that! Thanks to everyone who's been keeping up with my twitter! For those who dont follow baraspot or my twitter(shame on you!) a certain MrB, as he prefers to be called, has done the deed of cleaning the Fate/Zero comic by Zelolee so that's the next release! Since it's already cleaned the rest of the work won't take long at all.

After reading and translating I have accepted my fickle nature and decided this is my favorite mainly because storyline aside, more than half of the story is sex and then the rest is fanservice :3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I got a twitter!

for my translations~!/leontrans692
I'm taking a leaf out of the professional people over at Morenatsu translations(and ton of other people) so I'll be updating the progress of my current translations on there as frequently as possible! See you guys around~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Muraya's Ginza Shopping Street - Before the Festival minicomic

A little minicomic that "spices" up the relationship of the two, the notes at the bottom are from the artist of course. See you folks tomorrow~

click on it to make it bigger, may have to DL if the zoom from your browser isn't enough =\

okay for some silly reason blogger is resizing the image because it's too big so I'm going to try splitting it into two to make it readable

Sansho wa Kotsubude Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Chapter 5

It's Chapter Five! On a WEDNESDAY!
Silly Leon you're not releasing weekly anymore are you?
How astute of you to notice avid reader! I have discovered that if I translate more frequently it becomes easier to translate!
Oh is that so? Why would that be?
Because, believe it or not, practicing the language you're translating actually causes you to IMPROVE at it, oh and I also have three other stories backed up and I didn't want THIS one hanging over me also, and school is starting back up soon so the more I get done now the better.

So with that being said, I will always AT LEAST release something weekly but if I so happen to be extra productive there will be more releases throughout the week. Enjoy~   

This chapter introduces some interesting characters that are sadly, SPOILERS, never used again.  Oh well next chapter our characters actually develop in a more positive least on the self-esteem route.  Look forward to it, oh yeah more of that Ginza stuff too almost forgot I had to do that also.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Muraya's Ginza Shopping Street - Character Intro/Minicomic 1

Turns out he REALLY REALLY likes analog clocks, an interesting fetish if I've ever heard one.
Small note, Kumahachi and Youji shop's both have parts of, or their whole name in them.  Kinda confused me at first when I was translating because I had no idea what Hamabe was supposed to mean out of context.  See you all tomorrow :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Muraya's Ginza Shopping District - Character Intros

Here are the two MAIN characters, the guy off to the side(on the title page of the comic of the PREVIOUS post) will have his character bio done later although he and the rest of the people of Muraya have very minor roles in this story. These bio's (from what I understand) are mainly intended to inform people how the characters act if they want to make comics using them so they understand how the artist wants them to act etc. etc. as the first 3 things, "Calls Self, Others and Tone of Voice" are basically how they talk Kumahachi has a more 'free' style of speech and doesn't use formal honorifics etc, but Juuzou on the other hand follows it by the book. I'll do the intro for Youji(the guy peeking) along with one of the comics that fleshes out the characters some tomorrow.

Funny thing is they have a five year age difference but in the comic it looks like a lot more, or Kumahachi was just very big for his age haha.

also I keep switching the shopping district/street thing around, its basically the SAME thing but I'm going with street from now on because it's more of a small town thing instead of a WHOLE district, at least that's what I inferred from the comics they've drawn.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Muraya's Ginza Shopping District - Circular Notice at Midnight

I'm going to be translating this comic, as a commission from FrozenRain.
  As a bonus I'll also be translating one pixiv picture each day that is from this artists gallery, which helps explain some of the backstory to these characters~
The "Circular Notice", for those who don't know, which is what's covering the older guys crotch is a notice given out to shop owners for announcements that would affect people who run stores on said shopping street.  Anyways more silly explanations to come see you all tomorrow! FIXED THE TITLE wow what a stupid error.

Edit: It's translated here's the post 

Sansho wa Kotsubude Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Chapter 4

Chapter 4, and the plot(?) thickens! I actually feel bad now for criticizing Tsukasa Matsuzaki for the half-assed(his words) story when meeting Kumadera's parents apparently from the authors note he was actually going through a pretty bad time when he was working on it :S
Oh well I'm just glad it didn't affect anymore of the story and from this chapter onward Kumadera becomes a bit more a likeable character and less of a douche.  ALSO despite coming out it appears Hiroshi is still very concerned on how he's viewed by others about his sexuality which was kind of annoying considering what an animal he is in bed but then again he's had a wishy-washy personality throughout most of it so it didn't really surprise me much... in fact the more I translate this the less I find enjoy these characters...oh well there's still plenty of time for that to be fixed!

 holy crap I'm halfway done with this beast woo!