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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Muraya's Ginza Shopping District - Circular Notice at Midnight

I'm going to be translating this comic, as a commission from FrozenRain.
  As a bonus I'll also be translating one pixiv picture each day that is from this artists gallery, which helps explain some of the backstory to these characters~
The "Circular Notice", for those who don't know, which is what's covering the older guys crotch is a notice given out to shop owners for announcements that would affect people who run stores on said shopping street.  Anyways more silly explanations to come see you all tomorrow! FIXED THE TITLE wow what a stupid error.

Edit: It's translated here's the post 


  1. owwwn, your translations are wonderful =P but... ehr...can you translate this: pleeease? *----*
    ps: when you finished translate "Muraya's Ginza Shopping District" I will translate to portuguese from Brazil for my blog, ok? =D

  2. sorry but I'm going to have to pass on that one, the size difference is borderline macro, or at least the dick size is freaking ridiculous and not to mention the little bishie kid is ~somehow~ able to take all of it isn't really my thing :(