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Monday, February 6, 2012

Muraya's Ginza Shopping District - Character Intros

Here are the two MAIN characters, the guy off to the side(on the title page of the comic of the PREVIOUS post) will have his character bio done later although he and the rest of the people of Muraya have very minor roles in this story. These bio's (from what I understand) are mainly intended to inform people how the characters act if they want to make comics using them so they understand how the artist wants them to act etc. etc. as the first 3 things, "Calls Self, Others and Tone of Voice" are basically how they talk Kumahachi has a more 'free' style of speech and doesn't use formal honorifics etc, but Juuzou on the other hand follows it by the book. I'll do the intro for Youji(the guy peeking) along with one of the comics that fleshes out the characters some tomorrow.

Funny thing is they have a five year age difference but in the comic it looks like a lot more, or Kumahachi was just very big for his age haha.

also I keep switching the shopping district/street thing around, its basically the SAME thing but I'm going with street from now on because it's more of a small town thing instead of a WHOLE district, at least that's what I inferred from the comics they've drawn.

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