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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sansho - Tsukasa Matsuzaki Chapter 7

Sorry for the delay everyone! So I'm going to be doing away with because it's been very buggy with people, although there are SOME of you who know how to make it work it's still causing other's problems....and if I left it like this I'd still get the money for it....but yeah not really worth explaining it to everyone.
So I'll be counting on your donations from now on, thanks for stopping by!

Chapter 7 
I love how I made that arrogant post about how posting more often is more beneficial for me and then I go again and screw myself over by procrastinating blegghhh self-control should be easier than this!  (゚ロ゚)o


  1. ...I thought you said that the guys from Chapter 5 don't make an appearance again.

    Also, don't worry, we still love you even if you miss your targets sometimes. (I, for one, was checking Google Reader obsessively.)

  2. I GUESS I was wrong as usual, I was more looking for a sexual appearance instead of just side characters but yeah this guy specifically shows up again, I was more interested in seeing what that sadistic guy was going to do if he had another appearance honestly >)

  3. yay, thanks so much ~ how many more chapters from this manga are there?

  4. Eight chapters, so only one left.

  5. Aw man, I wanted this to go on and on. I've been having fun with this.

    (About my last comment: I didn't mean that seriously! It was more like they stumbled into Koutarou's bar and I was like, "YES CAMEO." Also, I was hoping the sadist would show up again as well. I like the way he thinks.)