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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sansho wa Kotsubude Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Chapter 4

Chapter 4, and the plot(?) thickens! I actually feel bad now for criticizing Tsukasa Matsuzaki for the half-assed(his words) story when meeting Kumadera's parents apparently from the authors note he was actually going through a pretty bad time when he was working on it :S
Oh well I'm just glad it didn't affect anymore of the story and from this chapter onward Kumadera becomes a bit more a likeable character and less of a douche.  ALSO despite coming out it appears Hiroshi is still very concerned on how he's viewed by others about his sexuality which was kind of annoying considering what an animal he is in bed but then again he's had a wishy-washy personality throughout most of it so it didn't really surprise me much... in fact the more I translate this the less I find enjoy these characters...oh well there's still plenty of time for that to be fixed!

 holy crap I'm halfway done with this beast woo!


  1. Yeah, I don't really like the characters.

    It's not very fun to read about people having pathetic emotionally abusive relationships :(

  2. I can't download this chapter :(
    adfly leads to generic

  3. no Mr.Beastle
    i think its relly cool a little emotions in the bara yaoi :)