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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sansho wa Kotsubude Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Chapter 5

It's Chapter Five! On a WEDNESDAY!
Silly Leon you're not releasing weekly anymore are you?
How astute of you to notice avid reader! I have discovered that if I translate more frequently it becomes easier to translate!
Oh is that so? Why would that be?
Because, believe it or not, practicing the language you're translating actually causes you to IMPROVE at it, oh and I also have three other stories backed up and I didn't want THIS one hanging over me also, and school is starting back up soon so the more I get done now the better.

So with that being said, I will always AT LEAST release something weekly but if I so happen to be extra productive there will be more releases throughout the week. Enjoy~   

This chapter introduces some interesting characters that are sadly, SPOILERS, never used again.  Oh well next chapter our characters actually develop in a more positive least on the self-esteem route.  Look forward to it, oh yeah more of that Ginza stuff too almost forgot I had to do that also.


  1. Leon, have I ever told you that I love you? (Platonically, of course.)

  2. Also: I had Thoughts about this entire series, but they were teal deer and this is porn. (Suffice to say, they were very unfunny, and with bara...I prefer to not get too serious.)

    Also, on a less serious note, I love how nearly every single male character in this is not only gay, but batshit.