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Monday, February 13, 2012

Circular Notice at Midnight - Takaku Nozomu

That's that! Thanks to everyone who's been keeping up with my twitter! For those who dont follow baraspot or my twitter(shame on you!) a certain MrB, as he prefers to be called, has done the deed of cleaning the Fate/Zero comic by Zelolee so that's the next release! Since it's already cleaned the rest of the work won't take long at all.

After reading and translating I have accepted my fickle nature and decided this is my favorite mainly because storyline aside, more than half of the story is sex and then the rest is fanservice :3


  1. but i dont like twitter..... Sniff*

  2. then you are NOT WORTHY TO...okay its not like I only post links on twitter it's more for people who want to know the progress since me releases have been more erratic as late, also by you not going you prematurely shrinking my internet e-peen by one follower :( and that makes me a sad Ailuropoda melanoleuca

  3. dear the link is not working,,can you re uploaded please

    also try less longer than MF..thanks for this great site ..

  4. big bold red letters, top of the blog :3

  5. Can u please fix this it still goes to medifire but u don't so i can't get the file please fix this i want to download it

  6. idk wats wrong but this one and most of the sansho when i try to go to the place to download them it says web page cannot displayed,but ur to newest one u put out aren't giving me trouble at all