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Friday, March 2, 2012

Chapter 8 and Localization woes (SOLVED)

I'm starting to understand more and more why there are some terrible dubs/translations out there, and that's because there are people like me who have no idea what the heck they are doing sometimes.


Eight point bell?
Eight point chime?
EDIT: I've decided by the contribution of my viewers and etc to go with "The Clock Strikes Eight" 
I googled it and I got some chinese stuff about golfing, no idea what that's about, I at FIRST thought maybe there was some kind of secret hidden baseball theme because the way the last chapter was written is synonymous with last inning and Kumadera likes baseball.....I mean a good 90% of you honestly could care less if the chapter title is properly translated but I'd personally like to know what the author was aiming at because I have no idea.

Also later on they use the term 「駅弁」 (えきべん) "ekiben" which is used as slang for a sex position as well as it originally being the people who sell boxed lunches with the straps around their shoulders, more commonly(I guess I had to wikipedia it lol) known as sexual congress in this hemisphere though.

ANYWAYS that's what I'm up to, but I'm just going to leave this here for you more knowledgeable types(I'm looking at you Aniki/wohdin, if you're still lurking about) take on this while I finish up the other 39 or so pages~

also Kumadera is wearing a wallet chain in this chapter, man this guy...I haven't seen people wearing those since I was in middle schools AND I WAS ONE OF THEM lol.... 


  1. In chinese, 八点鐘 means 8 o clock, dunno if that's at all relevant to the story or if it's the same thing in japanese but ya, hope it helps.

  2. Agree with Slanted.
    Though in Chinese, those 3 words don't mention whether its 8AM or 8PM. 8 o'clock should do fine in your translation...

  3. I would probably go with something like "The Clock Strikes Eight" or "The Gong Strikes Eight", since I think it implies that something is being chimed 8 times in conjunction with the eighth in a series of something.

  4. alright! thanks everyone I'm going to go with what wohdin says because it sounds more "dramatic" or "final" since it's the last chapter and all that THANKS everyone!

  5. About wallet chain, in Japan they still use it and is very common...