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Monday, March 5, 2012

Class Reunion -Tsukasa Matsuzaki

With my mystical magical powers I managed to get this translated before it was actually released....actually no.
Watcher was kind enough to respond to my request of getting an early scan of JUST the Tsukasa Matsuzaki story(I don't have the rest of it don't ask haha) in the next Nikutai-Ha Gachi, and here it is! Edit: fixed a silly error caught by "Ano ne" thanks! :D
I'm still working on Hanayuke//Burst Beast of course so keep watching my twitter for more updates
and THANK YOU SO MUCH WATCHER(now currently residing in the forums)  :)

and of course I'm looking forward to the full upload! :D

Edit: I HAD REUNION MISPELLED aaah so many times sooo freaking awful, thank you SO MUCH thank you much.