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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Computer Status: Update

So my computer's motherboard is basically useless and I'm going to get it sent in for a new one, that much is free but I don't know for sure what kind of motherboard I'm going to get back.
I'm sure I'll have to upgrade the RAM but that's super cheap but I may have to get a new proccessor since mine is pretty dated and that might delay things.....thanks for everyone that's donated so far!  So at LEAST should be back up and releasing within TWO WEEKS. So from today to the 4/15/12 I probably won't be releasing anything, if things turn out better than expected I'll let you all know but until then it's been grand and I'll see you all around!


  1. sorry, can't really donate anything ~ jobless student here ~ but thanks so much for all your hard work ~ and hope you will be able to get all needed hardware soon :)

  2. Hey!
    I've just checked your blog here...and you definitely deceive more than this for all your efforts in the translations you made. You know, I can help you in editing n uploading and stuff, you know..?
    Coz I consider myself more than experienced enough to help you out in this. You provide the translations in scripts. And I do the editing and shit. You know, the final touch-ups n stuffs. AND I also made this new blog here for this purpose only, here:
    Please reconsider my help here. Because I really wanna help!
    Well, honestly, I actually wanted you to translate some of these bara mangas that I'm really diggin' right now, but they have no english I thought, hey, why not you translate, I edit the pages...???
    Lemme know what you think? Please hit me back via this or through the blog I mentioned above, okay?
    Thanks in advance! cheers!