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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Backyard Wrestler - Shoutaroh Kojima

Another release, man Shoutaroh Kojima is pretty popular, has more than double the downloads so far compared to Burst Beast haha

Enjoy! Thanks EMN for the commission!

bah silly typo in the afterword resident even =/= resident evil haha oh well.


  1. Thanks so much, it looks like fun :D

  2. Kojiman is awesome. My boyfriend comissioned the other one. Thanks for this new release. :)

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  5. Thanks for your translations.
    but there's a mistake in the translation.
    page 6, hara ryouji is silver medalist.
    銀 meaning silver, not gold.
    sorry to interfere you.

  6. good catch I'll post a fixed version soon thanks again :)

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  8. I'm very thanks to you, it's very helpful your translation to translate cartoons of this kind in my language, korean.
    Because I'm not so good at japanese, even I lived in a close country.
    but we share same some cultures-Chinese character(but your japanese skill is very better than me. even your mother-language is english.)

    At page 9, These huge nipples...-it's not nipple, it's breast. 乳 meaning breast.

    At last page, it's not spring comiket, it's summer comiket 夏 means summer. 春 is spring.
    well, It means nothing. epilogue is not so important.
    sorry to interfere you again