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Friday, June 22, 2012

Superman and Batman

First off my apologies to the artist of this for translating your works and posting it AGAINST your direct request but if it means people can enjoy your work outside of Japan than it's well worth it.
Amazing credit to this artist, everything is done well from the facial expressions to the writing (no cheesy I'M CUMMING) and the ejaculation actually looks like semen whatdya know.

 Anyways enough praise when I'm basically stealing from the man enjoy. No ads because there's already another translation out and yeah I don't deserve to make money off of this haha~

Here it is.


fixed the last page, it was a pretty important line too  =/ sorry about that.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. can you translate the other of his work "blind"?

  3. Dude, this doujinshi is amazing @_@ I really apreciate what you did !!!! THANKYOUSOMUUUUUUCHHHHHH!!!!!!

  4. I love you, you're amazing. Thanks

  5. who is the author and do they have any other works because this is spectacular.

  6. what does the two pages mean?
    Not really get it.
    But still many thanks for the translation!
    I like the drawing style a lot:)

  7. oh wow, hot. thanks for the upload

  8. OMGs that's sooo cute!! XD This made me dashed to see 'The Dark Knight Rises,' despite my initial thoughts from not being a big fan lol

    If I had a credit card *or even a compatible debit -*- ), I'd definitely donate to aid with your translation, really. Many fine works are in Japanese and I couldn't read the language I'd be more than happy to buy them, though. But the works being in Japanese, I had no choices but to wait for the translations.. I even tried learning the language but it proved to be a herculean task and in the end I could only read the 'ah' character lol

    Thanks so much! ^3^

  9. This one is super fun since the author has written Batman and Superman to kind of fit into these premade Japanese cultural archetypes... for instance, Superman as the very earnest wider eyed puppylike guy next door whereas Batman seems to be the ice cool prickly tsundere. It's a super appealing combo! And look at that fabulously done artwork - definitely the author has done his homework on the DC style.
    Thanks so much for uploading this! Do you have any leads on how to track down/ buy more works by this author?

  10. OMG thank you very much! I was looking for this... Thanks again!

  11. This has been suspended (( huhu :((

  12. i love this yaoi comic,the only comment i have about it is superman has a cut penis which would be impossible his skin is invulnerble he can't be cut by anything but krytinite and i highly doubt martha and jonathon kent would use krytinite to circumsize him when they found him as a baby,and circumsision is a earth custom not a krytonyn custom so he would not have been circumsized while still a baby on his home planet

  13. thank you! great:)

  14. Does anyone know who the author is?