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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hanayuke Ch.3

It's been too long let's get this done.

Oh yeah about the previous Burst Beast chapter FINALLY there is no more of those weird "live-action" type art-style with so much grays and see-through everything text. I hated cleaning that, yay for easy to clean things.(or already cleaned things)

Friday, July 20, 2012

incompatible - takeshi matsu

Here it is!
I know how you've all wanted me to work on Takeshi Matsu and I hope you all thank builder for the hard work he put into cleaning this, because he had a nice hand in getting this release done!
Also don't get me wrong Takeshi Matsu has some really nice works out there AND is amazingly successful in this niche genre that is bara, but a good portion of them just rub me the wrong way pun intended.

I am just going to complain about the "main character" because this guy is, if my translations are correct, a complete douche.  Some kind of closet wall-flower kid get's a chance to have his dick sucked AND gets to fuck a fine looking man (who he also calls a muscle-head even though he secretly admired him holy jeez I'm mad at some random character in a manga) and turns around and says he hates the guys guts.  I read this like 5-10 times over to make sure I didn't misunderstand it but I guess that's what Takeshi Matsu meant by titleing it "incompatible" because I sure as hell am not compatible with this twat.

Anyways enough of this Takeshi Matsu I'm going to release some nice Seizou Ebisubashi next and then some KAZ. 
Till next time!