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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1,000,000 Views! AND One Year! Who Gets the New Hire? - Terujirou

Chose this to be my benchmark translation because it was the same artist for my first commission I did and as a thank you to hihikatamari (nowFrozenRain).

So starting off, pretty sure I can't say this enough but, thank you everyone for all of your help whether it's stopping by offering corrections or heck even just clicking this underlined link and then going on your merry way.  Tried to be fancy with SFX and then realized I would never get it in time, so there's 2~3 pages of fancy SFX and then it magically disappears...sorry :(
Author's Pixiv 

I'd like to make a poll so that by majority rule as a group you can have one thing of your choice translated, but I'm wondering how to go about making the options.  I originally was going to ask you to choose from my list but that isn't really fair at that point it's not fully your choice anymore.  So this is your chance to get the things you want translated outside of commissions, let me know how you guys want this to go down email me suggestions (Oh jeez floods of emails) maybe a chat room to thrown around ideas? I dunno but it feels like a good solution instead of having to shut down every single request when you're contributing just by visiting.  The picture included in today's translation shows some of the ones I have up for 'grabs' although I'm going to be translating Drive This Man Into A Frenzy pretty much instantaneously.

I've been doing this for almost a year now and I have to say what started off as a "oh since I'm just translating it while I'm reading it I might as well translate it for everyone else?" turned into this whole big whammy of I can't use words to describe it thing.  I've had a pretty awesome time got to learn Photoshop, more Japanese and about just how bad I am at my native language.  I don't think it's really right to call this a "one year" celebration since my computer went kaput on me for three whole months.  What started off as "Daily Bara Translations" which I now realize was retardedly ambitious and every single one of you who I scoffed off when you asked "Oh don't get burned out" I am sorry.  You were very right. I went to crazy gung-ho and then I piled up a load of work along with what originally was going to be just a "I like this so I'm going to translate it" became an "I must translate all of the things" Remember this post? The picture included in today's art is the result of that in between trying to make myself not hate all that is and ever will be photoshop, cleaning and the likes I picked up just a few things. Then as karma would have it my computer died and all the hopes and dreams I had died with it.

Now that is that out of the way I have some good news, I am in fact still translating as you can see and I am going to continue to do so unless I suddenly get an influx of more important things to do in my life(which doesn't seem likely).  So I am here to stay and (knock on wood) if I get taken out for translating Japanese manga and then distribution my translations then I'll just bounce back and make it somewhere else because translating is fun, sharing is fun and I like doing this despite all of my repeated complaints on twitter or here or where ever. I'm just going to make up a little database for whenever X/Y is coming out, stuff and what I'm working on maybe it'll have pictures I'm thinking this up as I go, It'll be a priority list I guess? My priorities fluctuate greatly.


  1. Well, 1st of all congratulations for the birthday, the million views, and for all your work. =)
    Well, I hope you can accept ideas here. Maybe you should open a special post were people can tell which stories they want translated. Later, you catch the most commented and put in on a poll. Then you get to work for the most voted, you can choose the top 5, the top 10, I don't know... Anyway, that's my suggestion.

    1. Yeah that was an idea I had but having to register for blogspot is pretty inconvenient. While it is a bit kinda 'babying' them the majority of the anons who come here don't have accounts to post, etc. need a chance to vote too since they are viewers after all haha

      On the other side if they complain they could just register since it's minimal effort but I'm sure there's a more efficient method for everyone.

  2. Thank you ever so much, I really wait for your next contribution.

    Could you please tell us, who is the artist of "Newhire". I tried to make some comparing studies, but could not be sure of any.

    1. thanks for reminding me! I updated the artist's' name and added their pixiv too.

  3. Congratulations! And thank you for all the translated porn this past year - sometimes hilarious, sometimes infuriating, yet somehow always hot.

    About registering for Blogspot - in theory, since it's Google, almost all of the anons should already be registered. The issue is that a lot of people want to stay anonymous for their own reasons, so there's not much that can be done.

  4. Thank you Leon for translating this doujin, and I am glad I was the 1st person ever to request a commission (because it's make me feel somewhat special, lol). Thank you for all your hard work and 1 year anniversary and 1,000,000 views, you deserve all the love you get (from me). And keep calling me FrozenRain btw, don't be confuse with this livejournal name, lol.

  5. Loved this manga very much. When i saw it on the surpara I was hoping you gonna translate it and you did. I'm very happy. ^^

  6. Congrats man. hope your blog has many more birthdays. Thanks for translating all these mangas. We all appreciate it.

  7. Congrats, thanks for all your work.

  8. Congrats and thanks a lot for the oneshot!

  9. Is there another chapter to this??? CAUSE I LOVE IT!!!!!