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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hanayuke Chapter 6

Hanayuke Chapter 6, can't believe I didn't notice this before but 116(15) and 118(17) have the exact same image used haha.

Oh well at this point everything has become a writhing mass of a drama, and we're not even halfway yet! yay~


  1. Thank you! On the edge of my seat (and...err..the edge of something else) for Chapter 7.

    (Also, I don't care how often Ebisubashi uses that image. Kanta's expression in that panel is PRICELESS.)

  2. Wohooo thanks Leon (and whoever commisioned -if it was- for this. FrozenRain?)
    I have to wait a day or two before I can download this, but Hanayuke is probably my most favorite Ebisubashi's work so far, so having a new chapter is totally awesome (Kanta never fails to turns me on).
    It's not even halfway? How many chapters left anyway? Is this longer than Burst Beast?

  3. This account has been suspended. help