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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hanayuke Chapter 7

And spiraling downward we go, also I lied chapter 6 was halfway, now we're past halfway.

Tatsuya is a sage and is the best character in this comic,
that is all I have to say, Enjoy.


  1. Now now... why did you have to lie?? (I'm okay with that though haha). Anyway, do you mind telling me how many chapter's left?

    I finished reading this chapter with a huge "AAAWWWW"... and I hate Masaru now, cause it's kinda obvious that he's hiding a secret agenda (but maybe I'm just too paranoid about these type of guys).
    And yes, I definitely agree about Tatsuya. I think he's the only person in this manga who actually thinks like adult, eventhough he's trapped in a schoolboy's body. Saying "Sorry" is probably one of the hardest word to say as an adult though...