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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Iwaki's Apartment - Takeshi Matsu

So here it is with wonderful delays, and with delays comes story time!  Partway through I found out that I had way way way better scans that from SkubSkanz that had released this big uncensored compilation of a bunch of old Takeshi Matsu work. So instead of attempting to touch up and clean with little success I just retypesetted and cleaned the new RAWs so it took a bit longer.
It has two bonus pages too, the epilogue being my favorite part out of the whole series since I was kinda dissapointed the upperclassmen didn't get any attention at all throughout the story.
So with that the first poll manga is complete and I'm going to have to get the next polls started up, along with somehow organizing this flurry of new manga that is suddenly pouring in right after Watcher went down and Aniki announced his "retirement".


  1. As much as a fan I've been to TakeMatsu art and story... this one is pretty much predictable and... boring.
    Then again, this is the result of the poll, so I guess many people wanted this XD. Thanks as always Leon, looking forward for the next poll...

  2. Are there two bonus pages in the epilogue? I can only see one.

    1. The other of the two is the first page which shows Inumaru's first day at the dorms.

  3. Why is there no sequal to this!!!

  4. thank you for this oneshot

  5. Did takeshi matsu make another new story or continued the older story in this year?..