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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hanayuke Chapter 8

Here's Chapter 8 things seems to be wrapping up nicely but let's try and get a summary of our main character

1) Has sex with childhood friend
2) breaks up with childhood friend to have sex with the son of the man his childhood friend is having sex with
3) continues to have sex with other guy despite knowing the REAL reason he's doing it(also the other guy is a dick)
4) mopes when he finds out childhood friend still has feelings for him but doesn't change his mind

And then in THIS chapter we have:

5)agrees that his childhood friend couldn't beat other guy in a fight
6) stumbles upon his childhood friend having sex with other guy's Dad and is forced to watch
7)for some reason decides to change his mind despite finding out nothing new and now sides with his childhood friend.

So now that he's somehow back with his childhood friend and we've done away with the big 'ol mean Daddy everything should wrap up nicely right?
HAH  nop.

To be continued indeed.


  1. thanks for the upload, out of interest, how many more chapters are there?

  2. surprisingly enough they managed to finish this trainwreck of feels and emotions in 4 more chapters, so the 12th is the final one.

    1. thanks :), actually this is one of the more interesting stories in my opinion :)

  3. IMO, Hanayuke is shaping to be one of the few bara-mangas with a better (if not the best) sense of touchy and sentimentality. Some other stories tend to mix the steamy scene in a rather jarring plot, while this one felt flowing and necessary (though not all).

    The way Kanta just hugged Shuuji, who eventually bursted out in tears was very melancholic. I think Kanta finally understood how Shuuji had to do all these, coping with his financial issue, that he returned to him in the end. I think his 'affair' with Masaru was probably because he thought Shuuji was doing things intentionally behind his back as well.

    Very good drama, and really looking forward to how it turns out cause I want to see Kanta and Shuuji 'together' again (it's been a while since we saw them snuggling with each other).

    Thanks as always Leon! Much much appreciated...

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