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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hanayuke Chapter 10

The following chapters are just...I don't even know why they're in this story the last chapter ended.  Reading every page with Teppei was so painful that I just felt like this 

Well enjoy? I guess? Seriously fuck this guy in literally, figuratively, whatever so many problems with him I can't even.

Edit: page 191 was missing here it is (it was supposed to be in Ch.9 so that was updated with a new link)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Will Happen While The Little Brother is Around - Terujirou


In case I don't do anything nice for all of you this upcoming holiday season consider this your Christmas present >)

I was considering not doing it because this pairing annoys the shit out of me, the "main character" has been reduced to just girly-boy with a "manly body".  If I wanted to see some feminine and weak person dominated I'd go read some hentai or something bleh.

Tokuyama needs to get fucked, maybe by his brother, "main character" or some other guy who shows up who doesn't take no shit from body. (of course this creates a neverending cycle of guys on top who should be bottoming but let's ignore that hole in my plans for now) Of course this isn't likely because judging from the afterword this is the last we'll see of this specific series and there's going to be a new plot/story coming out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fighter x White Magev2(Re-release)

This is a rerelease of my old version of Fighter x White Mage, there was a ton of silly errors
(like a random face put over the comic on page 9 because I was trying to copy paste it to the title page lol) and with my links going down I might as well update one of my favorite comics.  So here it is, I'll update the old post's link as well in case people find it that way as well.

Thursday, November 1, 2012 account got suspended

Whoopsie going to have to change A LOT of links, so a lot of files are going to be inaccessible while I fix this sorry for the inconvenience!

If there's any in particular you want fixed let me know here or in chat, I don't want to go through all 100+ posts changing links for things people don't need anymore.  =/

I did change the most recent ones though.