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Thursday, November 1, 2012 account got suspended

Whoopsie going to have to change A LOT of links, so a lot of files are going to be inaccessible while I fix this sorry for the inconvenience!

If there's any in particular you want fixed let me know here or in chat, I don't want to go through all 100+ posts changing links for things people don't need anymore.  =/

I did change the most recent ones though.


  1. damn, hope everything gets back soon :D

  2. O:

    My brother used it once, and it screwed him out of the 50 bucks he made.

    Linkbucks is way more trustable in my opinion. You can ask for your payment anytime. is just a manipulative piece of ass.

  3. well I never got screwed out of money and I'm currently blatantly breaking their T.O.S because all the ad sites that allow you to link porn are full of trojans/spyware and porn.
    So I feel it's a fair trade-off.

    1. Yeah, but linkbucks actually has an OPTION for adult links.

  4. if you wanna try it once again, you can handle it.
    Use, so like this one:

    yourlink -> -> pastebin / tinypaste ->

    Kinda hard, but hIthis is the best option.
    I wanna help you with whole my way (since my paypal limited and I cannot help you for angle finacial, forgive me).