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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hanayuke Chapter 10

The following chapters are just...I don't even know why they're in this story the last chapter ended.  Reading every page with Teppei was so painful that I just felt like this 

Well enjoy? I guess? Seriously fuck this guy in literally, figuratively, whatever so many problems with him I can't even.

Edit: page 191 was missing here it is (it was supposed to be in Ch.9 so that was updated with a new link)


  1. Hot :P but yeah.. what a douchebag

  2. On page 200, Kanta looks so adorable. In the baseball uniform with the short hair and an expression like he's sucking a dick for the first time. I love it.

  3. no reason to be angry at Teppei. the main whore is none but kanta. i mean- WTF IS HE DOING?!
    he is not good enough for shuuji >.> he slept with other ppl more than with shuu since they got together.
    just show him something that can be shoved into his ass and he is yours -.- if shuuji want kanta he should fuck the hell out of him, shove something big into him, and lock him in a closet.
    *too angry to continue*

  4. Hmmm... as I said on the cbox, this story should've ended in Chapter 9. I feel that since the writer still have plenty of whitepages left, he ended up delivering this... (unnecessary) twist XD. I kinda wished he'd go the happy ending style (like Otokotachi no Mahae).

    However, after I re-read it again and again, I found Kanta's action quite understandable, well... he's Teppei 'sex-slave' (judging from the way the old guy treated him) for 9 years, I think somehow he's already 'addicted' to him, you know like drugs or cigars.

    So yeah, eventhough I'm not justifying his douchey decision, I still think he's adorable. Stupid, but yes, adorable (especially in baseball uniform). Probably still the most charming character out of all Seizo's work I've seen, and yes... most of the times good looks means stupid brain XD.

    Still looking forward to how Shuuji will 'save' him in the end hahahaha. Thanks Leon!

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