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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and the like to all of you guys, as a Christmas gift here's a link to what I've been working on. It's a WIP megaupload archive of everything I've translated sorted by author.  It's taking its sweet time uploading everything so all that's up is part of the Gai Mizuki folder but I plan to fill them all out throughout the following holiday season!

For navigation and use you need to double click on the folders, I don't know what the bandwidth on a free megaupload account is so if this thing dies from popularity we'll have to work something else out haha.  Thanks for all your support guys and I look forward to translating for everyone in the upcoming year! If it says placeholder the folder is probably empty or I'm still uploading all the files related to it. I'm gonna catch up with the requests in the chat from 2 months ago and work up from there.

Also there are plans to actually release something actually NEW before New Years but lets not get too excited now.

Currently Uploaded:
Gai Mizuki
Kazuhide Ichikawa
Ebisubashi (WIP)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Officially on Hiatus

Okay so I've been going back and forth on this but since I'm going to be going back to school and working soon I probably won't be able to continue translating just for fun at a reasonable speed so I'm just going to put myself as on Hiatus and I'll offically "come back" when everything has cleared up.  As for reuploading thankfully enough it looks like the month and more that Hospitality has been up it hasn't been reported or taken down so that's a good sign so I can continue with that plan. But yeah officially I won't be translating for free on this blog anymore I may post commissions that I do if the commissioner wishes but aside from that you won't be seeing much from me.  Thanks for all the support guys I'll still be around and I am working with BARAdise scanlations on some projects too so there's that too look forward too as well!
(and I still got that Rape story to finish on barachan after all haha)

Once again many thanks to all of your support and well wishes I'm extremely sorry for just going silent for a whole month like that I hope I'll be able to bring you guys more translations in the future :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dangerous Relationship - Chapter 3

Here's Chapter 3!  I'm starting with this one because despite their already being chapters 1-3~ on ex-hentai and other places on the internet Chapter 3 is...pretty awful.  So I went and redid it hopefully I can get Chapter 4 out a bit quicker though.
Sorry it took so long, working out this whole Takeshi Matsu fiasco took some up some of my time.  Despite him downright refusing any help from translators I'm going to keep emailing him to at least see what his plans are for translating in general.  At least this time he isn't super-mad like Jin was when he found out I had some of his works on the internet and is willing to discuss this stuff, so there's still hope but not much of it haha.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kinta's Kintama - Jiraiya

Number 3 of the new jiraiya works! This one was out and around a bit before but in super low quality so I never got to really read it, but I gotta say out of all the Jiraiya stories in the collection this one has gotta have the best sex scene in it.  I'll let you read the rest haha Enjoy! I also mixed up Kinta's name for Ginta (which turned out to be his brother's name for maximum confusement who's also only mentioned once through the whole story) Also if you haven't figured it out yet Kintama means balls but I left it untranslated so that the word play made sense.

Professor Makumakuran is up next! You'll be seeing that one this Wednesday if all goes well, sorry for the delay all you patient folks.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Whichever Way the Wind Blows - Jiraiya

Here it is!
Number 1 in the votes, Number 2 in the translated stories from the Jiraiya collection, although I managed to release at my first scheduled time. It's a lot later than I had actually wanted to.  Anyways enjoy this nice and touching story from Jiraiya with a healthy amount of sexy times.  There's gonna be a little pause in releases despite my picking up speed, but if I get the RAWs for the next scanlation by tonight as planned than it won't actually change the schedule at all.

Big thanks again to Aniki for the HQ scans and to maddog for getting this all started!

At least this time I hope I got all the images in I've been trying batch actions in photoshop so I don't have to manually save each image because its a pain but I end up on missing some because I can't count clearly. So hopefully there aren't any mistakes on that end...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Request for Help - Cleaner (Filled)

  Update: Thanks for the quick replies everyone woohoo! Someone even managed to show me how this sorcery was even possible as well so yay learning~! It was actually a lot simpler than I had imagined haha.....but I'm not at the level where I can redraw censors that'll come later maybe.

Alright so I'll be translating a full-color doujinshi in the near future and I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to hop on the cleaning part in relation to cleaning see-through speech bubbles like the one shown here.  (The example isn't from the actual comic, I actually don't even have the RAWs for it yet)  I'm just planning ahead because I'm sure it'll be around eventually so if you're confident in your wizardly abilities on being able to clean things like this then send me an email so we can get into the nitty gritty details on cooperating and funstuffs.          

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everybody's Doing It - Takaku Nozomu

Edit: I forgot page 9 it's added to the .rar file, for those who don't want to redownload just get it from the previous link.
It's done! and in record time if I do say so myself, thanks to the magical powers of content aware filling I managed to pull of cleaning some of the text, although I'm mad at how bad I am at finding fonts for moaning I went through like 3 different fonts in 3 pages once. Even the font title is making me mad now I couldn't find one that matched but yeah not a big deal to hold up the release for. HUGE THANKS TO CRIMSONBLOOD FOR SHARING.

This IS a sequel to another work (Drive that Man Into a Frenzy) something that I was planning to scanlate and then I took too long and someone else got it done. I honestly didnt expect the artist to make it into a series and considering how his beastman forest went AND how the end of the story goes I'm kinda worried how he's going to conclude this...haha

Now all that's left is to wait for that new Moritake or Gai Mizuki work, and while I'm waiting I've got my Ginza pt2, Jiraiya, Polls, Hospitality and some other things woopdeedoo.

Also sorry for the somewhat large file size I didn't want to resize the images since it seemed fine but it does seem a bit excessive now that I see how big the file is.

A little trivia about the title that was shared with me by "Luke" over at the barachan forums, thanks! Shame I didn't know ahead of time or I'd change the title to match, it makes a lot more sense too haha (and sounds better)
"Just some trivia thing. 
The name of this doujin みんなヤってるか? is a reference from a 1994 movie with the same name. 
with english title of "Getting Any?" 
The story is about a guy named Asao who keep thinking of having sex with woman.The horniness drives him to do something crazy. Just like this story :) "

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll: Grand Finals!

First place is Professor Makumakuran so it gets translated first, I'll get this thing out of the way "quickly" so we can get to the daunting task that is Dangerous Relationship.

The rules are simple, first place gets translated first, 2nd place gets translated second! Vote away! (Also extenuating circumstances aside there may be delays and by translated first I mean it will get translated the first out of these two other more "important" more translations will take priority) 
That all being said I have family visiting for the next few weeks so I don't know how reliable my schedule will be at all. I'm trying to get as much as I can out before well tonight? Haha oh boy...

I'll be doing something about 3rd and 4th place but right now busy translating Takaku Nozoumu stuff.

Thank you for the recent donation! Every bit helps~

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

About Posting RAWs

I think now is a better time than ever to explain why I don't post the RAWs for stuff I'm about to or currently translating on here.  I consider this to be a translation blog, and back in the early days of forming this I saw a lot of hybrid blogs get shut down because they would post RAWs along with a few translations.  So I'd like to think that since I'm posting something that by some little degree qualifies as my own work I'm avoiding getting shut down.
 Because of that I try to at least direct people in the right location of finding RAWs etc for those who (like myself) prefer reading it in Japanese instead of someone elses interpretation or translation.

Now right now there's a bit of "controversy" going on with the new Jiraiya book in that I'm about to translate it but there aren't any RAWs that I can direct people to.  That's simply because the person who I got the RAWs from requested me not to, and since it is his property I can't really do anything about that (It'd be the same as me borrowing a friends comic book and then sharing it with all of my friends only at a much larger magnitude).

So that's the whole run-down thanks for reading this I'll sticky this at the top of my blog just for future reference.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Next Jiraiya Work - POLL

Alright so you guys have a choice of five Jiraiya comics to translate (2 are new and 3 are oldish ones thathaven't been translated) here are the preview pics for them and a short summary. Votes will decide the order (ALL will be translated), 1st place gets translated first and so on simple enough. Of course the shorter comics will get translated faster if they win so I put the page count in for those wish to know.

I didn't quite get the relationship between the two characters in Fire Safety when I skimmed through it, I can't tell if they're old friends, coworkers or what since he just calls him "factory manager". I just went with the good old "Why not both?" since during the story Miyagi holds up a picture of his boss and his kids that his boss has in his apartment and they start talking about it.

There's also only and 8 year difference between them anyways, the NEW ones are Whichever Way the Wind Blows and Fire Safety, the three oldish ones are Ginta's Kintama, Chakaru and White Sake (although I think someone translated White Sake awhile ago since it was so short but I couldn't find it so oh well)
Polls are done and order is decided!
4th Chakaru 12PG - Business man gets
molested by his superiors.
2nd Ginta's Kintama 30PG - Gen goes back to visit his
 childhood friends after 15 years who happens
to have giant testicles. They have sex.
1st Whichever Way the Wind Blows 42PG -
Trucker picks up a hitchhiker
with ulterior motives, but the hitchhiker
has secrets of his own.
5th White Sake 10PG - Lumberjack goes into
 a forest haunted by"spirits"
 that are in search of white sake
 (they mean semen)

3rd Fire Safety 26PG - Miyagi moves into
his boss' apartment after his house
burns down.

Kazuhide Ichikawa - Gay Detective!

Enjoy this short and cute little comic by KAZ

Friday, August 9, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Final Four!

Alright we're down to the final four! 
TOP TWO go into a final poll to decide who gets translated first! Both will get translated (and if Dangerous Relationship win 1st I won't wait until I'm done with the whole series to work on the other because at the rate I translate we might not see it for a year then)

The two losers will get seeded into the later stages of the next poll so they won't have to go through the huge mess of group stages.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best Trio Prologue

Took me long enough but here it is (its super short, hence prologue)
but fancy with SFX and stuff wooo~
I couldn't think of anything but clatter for "GATA" so I used it way too many times.

Edit: The full story that this prologue leads up to is already out and translated by, in my opinion, a much better scanlator than me! (here's the G-hentai link to the gallery almost first result on google) it also has ALL of the other old works that I'm not going to be retranslating that were included in this collection.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll - Group N

First Place: Dangerous Relationship 367 votes
Second Place: Professor Makumakuran 303 votes

Third Place: Let's Go Family 156 votes
Fouth Place: Akatsuki 131 Votes

I'm pretty upset that Let's Go Family lost, it's pretty cute (despite it being the "same old same old" from kazuhide ichikawa, creativity does win bonus points though considering how wacky the plot TMatsu's work is, although it helps that it's Takeshi Matsu writing it I'm sure, haha)
We are guaranteed a Takeshi Matsu finals (technically Tsukasa Matsuzaki is in the other one so I guess its acceptable but *sigh* I need to be more wary of these things)

Let's get the final group of the top 8 going!
 I'm still undecided on how I'm going to work out the top 4 since they're all obviously fan favorites so having just one "winner" would be unfortunate. I'll be saving that big decision for when the winners of the last poll are decided thogh.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll - Group M

That's the end of Group M
First Place: Ojimoe Mukku 389 votes
Second Place: Dad's Disgraceful Life 370 votes

Third Place: Challenging the Class System 284 votes
Fouth Place: Otoko Jyuku 142 Votes

I'm surprised that Dad's Disgraceful Life is still in and that it lost to Challenging the Class System. Takeshi Matsu taking first was no surprise though and it looks like we may really have Takeshi Matsu finals oh boy.

The start of the top 8! I'll update the overall results afterwards.
Let's get to voting!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Semi-Annual Translation Poll - Group L

That's the end of Group L
First Place: Dangerous Relationship 326 votes
Second Place: Let's Go Family! 185 votes

Third Place: Working Out 156 votes
Fouth Place: Kippered Kip gotcha 57 Votes
and so ends the Round of 16, I'll be starting up the Round of 8 probably on the 14~5th of July.  Kinda sad working out lost to Kaz but at least this means there's one Kaz piece left in for people to vote on (and who knows maybe someone will commission Working Out)  the RAWs are out there somewhere...googling 外仕事 (that's the original name)(should offer some results (although I haven't tested it personally)

Here's group L vote for it.
Today has been a busy day bye.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jiraiya - Hyakutarou vs Nihyakutarou

I've edited the translation credits since I basically have a translation group now (althought the name isn't unique and I'm sure I'm stepping on some toes with that generic name) with a raw provider and a cleaner. Thanks to all the support people and enjoy one of many upcoming Jiraiya stories! The funs just begun :)

Also the bonus isnt in there because I dind't get it done but it'll be done soon. misleading information abound.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group K

Group K is done
First Place: Akatsuki 301 votes
Second Place: Professor Makumakuran 244 votes

Third Place: Mukai Motono 156 votes
Fouth Place: Fighting Dog 01 87 Votes

I'm kinda sad Mukai lost but what're you gonna do, I'm surprised Akatsuki got first place (but this is because I've read it beforehand) TMatsu making it out of this group was a guarantee and I'm surprised more people didn't want to see the first part of fighting dog.  That's that though and we're almost down to the top 8!
Okay problem is solved I'm calm now.

Group K let's keep this moving I'll give this poll a bit more time than the last because it looks like it won't be as one-sided.

Also this is totally off-topic but I'm hoping to use what little bit of popularity I have to give this comic some more attention because imo it totally deserves it. Check out Monster's Garden if you guys have the time it's freaking amazing.

And while it isn't exactly relevant to the sexytimes that I focus on here the author totally ships the two buff manly men(Kilo and Todd) in the comic outside of the story (despite it probably not happening inside it anytime soon it's still super awesomes) also Kilo is the bottom for logical reasons aww yis

Friday, June 21, 2013

Love Thief - Takeshi Matsu

fixed page 21
It looks like Love Thief got a pity commission after getting soundly defeated in the polls.  So lucky you guys, enjoy :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group J

Group J one-sided yep

First Place: Ojimoe Mukku 163 votes
Second Place: Otoko Jyuku 149 votes

Third Place: Itsuwari 44 votes
Fouth Place: A Face I Don't Recognize 22 Votes

Not even a close 2nd place finish Group C got decimated as expected, MOVING ON HAH.

Movin on with the polls  another group with a Takeshi Matsu(merged with Tsukasa Matsuzaki) so the other three will be fighting for a close 2nd I'm sure haha

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing Wrong With Constant Competition! - Takeshi Matsu

THIS STORY omg I am dying. (fixed the untranslated page)
The main characters are personified version of three video game consoles.  You have the short guy is the Wii  (Ui pronounced the same) Hako  (XBOX because Hako = box in Japanese) and Sutezou(PS3 = I don't get this one if its supposed to be a joke. (Pu)Hurei Sutezou sounds like Playstation)  and just a spoiler for the ending the guy ends up red-ringing because he had sex. There's an untranslated line on one of these pages because I couldnt read the handwritten kanji I'll fix it one of these days.  It probably was just another obscure joke that I totally wouldve ended up butchering anyways.  Seriously that duck line or w/e I made that I up I have no idea who Ahiru-chan is supposed to be.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group I

Group I is.... its done!

First Place: Dad's Disgraceful Life 192 votes
Second Place: Challenging the Class System 176 votes

Third Place: Love Thief 163 votes
Fouth Place: GHSP 84 Votes
So I was totally expecting TMatsu to make it out of this group and with the Terujirou comic but wow it got eliminated just like that.  Even FUNNIER is that the 2nd place for both their groups ended up winning, I would've thought at least one of them would make it out but that doesn't seem to be the case haha.  That being said though theres still 2 other TMatsu comics around for you Matsu fans to fight over.  Poor GHSP(or is it GSHP I dunno) you fought honorably, but there s still another naop left but the chances of it making it out of Group K seem very slim. (and wow there really is a high chance of this being Takeshi Matsu finals roflmao)

Round of 16 is starting! Our champions of their own groups from the first round are now off to face TRUE WINNERS not challengers that I selected somewhat randomly from stuff that's not translated. Each of these four could easily take the top four! Let's get this poll started!

I'll be adding a list of the losers and what might happen to them so you guys can give google them a give them pity fap in their unworthy and untranslated form.

Group A: 
Title: Fumble Artist: 平ひろ
Title: 虎鬼妖譚 Artist: 羽左カスミ
Group B: 
Title: 木葉髭情歌 弐  Artist: Meguro 目黒 
Title: エロ王の碌でもない軍勢+ Artist: Yuuki Haruka 結城はるか
Group C: 
Title: 前立腺をコリコリしているぞジョジョーッ! Artist: よいしょ53
Title: Itsuwari/Fabrication (Found in Macho Type 16) Artist: Kijima Hyougo‎ 鬼嶋兵伍
Group D: 
Title: 虐 (Torment) Artist:  AG(Absolute Guardian) & Ron9
Title: Manly Garage (Found in G-Men Gaho 6 GG6) Artist: 兵良雷蔵 raiT
Group E: 
Title: Espoir Artist: ??
Title: Coach's Misfortune (Found in G-Men Gaho 5 GG5) Artist: ばんじゃく Banjaku
Group F: 
Title: Bumpin Balls Artist: AG(Absolute Guardian) 
Title: (Conquering Tentacles) 征服触手 Artist: Kojima Shoutarou
Group G: 
Title: (Gorilla) 健忘ゴリラはバナナの夢を見るか? Artist: Sakura さくら
Title: Perversion Teacher Artist: AG(Absolute Guardian) 
Group H: 
Title: Kuryuu Koushi Artist: Takeshi Matsu
Title: だいたいあってる// とれまん//そこに穴があるから掘る Artist: 英吉

Monday, June 10, 2013

FULLBOCKY - Moritake

Finally finished this thing holy crap, almost got all of the SFX's this time thanks to the help of Grigolow. So many pages I don't how many times I went over this and still found mistakes. I'm testing things out with fonts too and Nueva looks good for thought speech but its hard to find "seeable" small/thin fonts.

My two year anniversary(and 2 Million views benchmark) is coming up for the blog so I was thinking of releasing this for it but I'll just do one better and release this now and then having something else new then heh
dont know what it'll be but it'll be something

Enjoy this!
thanks to all the people helping me with the sfx in barachat too :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group H

Group H is a word that starts with H that means OVER!

First Place: Dangerous Relationship 228 votes
Second Place: Working Out 188 votes

The haiboku 敗北(はいぼく)
(it means defeat/ed in japanese)
Third Place: Banker Kuryuu Koushi 130 votes
Fouth Place: Pokemon Doujin Trio 97 Votes

A work by Takeshi Matsu getting knocked out in Ro32 and by TWO NEW CHALLENGERS that I totally added at the last second?! What an upset! Pokemon lost but we'll do something about that poor Pokemon.

This is the end of the Ro32 the last Group, Group H!  I had to dig around for the last 3 spots (two of them are partially translated already) Outside Work is out there somewhere....I partially translated it as like my first translation ever and never actually finished it.  I'll be translating Dangerous Relationship from where it was left off at chapter...3 I think and I'll finish the other 3 stories in Working Out.

Group G was really close 2nd and 3rd was so close I kinda feel bad because each time I checked the results changed (I really should make a specific deadline instead of just one day)

After this we'll be moving on to the Ro16! Those who dominated their starting group will have to face real opponents now!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group G

Group G is GONE! 

First Place: Let's Go Family! 257 votes
Second Place: Kippered Kip gotcha 240 votes

The goners
Third Place: Perversion Teacher 222 votes
Fouth Place: Forgetful Gorilla 59 Votes

I'm sad another AG work got knocked out but it was a close fight so it's okay.  Kippered Kip gotcha is pretty nice there's also a sequel that I guess I'll stick in with it later on.

Group G, second to last group uh yeah.
Vote away? wooh~

There is ONE FREE SPOT so if there is anything in the polls you don't see that you'd like to see translated post it in the chat or here and I'll just pick out of that (or see if I even have it heh) I'd prefer it wasn't a part of the big three (Takeshi Matsu/Tsukasa Matsuzaki/Gai Mizuki) but anything else is up for grabs at this point.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Direction They Face - Shoutaroh kojima

Another release! So many....and it's not Policeman Island but it is Musashi! So that's better! (although I guess with Hiruma maybe that lessens it but it's nice enough)
Well enjoy I'll be working on Policeman Island intermittently throughout the day.

Also to whoever commissioned this your email address stopped working so...uh hope you're still alive? D: (man that makes me sound awful they only commissioned it with the miura+hollowgram thing like a month ago)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hanayuke - AFTERWORD (Extras)

Ok, now I want you all to listen to me very carefully,
I do not have A SINGLE CLUE to exactly what he means when he says "we're not done with Hanayuke yet (literally translates to Hanayuke is not over yet!)" SO if you want to know if there is some kind of wacky continuation or there I have no idea! At all! Maybe there is some magical sequel that they're planning but I do not know of it! That's all! Hanayuke to me IS DONE and WILL BE DONE until further notice. *phew*

Also there was a lot of liberties taken in this translation and I am 100% I made some terribly awful mistakes with him explaining the relationship//social lives of his friends/co-workers! SO this was a reminder once again that my Japanese really only functions properly in reference to porn and...isn't really socially applicable or usable outside this medium. YAY \(⌐■_■)/

Monday, May 20, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group F

Group F is FINITO! 

First Place: Mukai Motono's Situation 166 votes
Second Place: Fighting Dog 149 votes

The finished
Third Place: Bumpin' Balls 48 votes
Fouth Place: Conquering Tentacle 28 Votes

With this group over I'm happy with the results, a little sad that Bumpin' Balls lost(AG artwork is pretty awesome), glad Kojima's tentacle thing lost because it was pretty cliche/lackluster. Super-glad Mukai Motono go so much popularity hopefully it gets farther heh.

Group F got restarted because Slanted Frenzy is translating part 2 of Fighting Dog! So I'm putting PART ONE up for grabs.
Group F begins now!
We've got another "average" group, but at least in this group none of them, to me at least, stand out over the other so it looks to be pretty close.  Fighting Dog is a sequel but I lost the first part somewhere(although I highly doubt the plot is relevant enough that it warrants finding)....I'll have to dig it up in case it actually wins.

I actually made a little slip-up with the groups and swapped the last spot of Group F and Group G but oh well.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group E

That's it for Group E! 

First Place: Professor Makumakuran 212 votes
Second Place: Akatsuki 140 votes

The dropouts
Third Place: Coach's Misfortune 109 votes
Fouth Place: Espoir 8 Votes

Omg rofl no one cares one bit about Romancing saga hahaha
wow eight votes, that's so sad. Poor Espoir......Coach's Misfortune was serialized in the G-Men Gaho 5 (GG5) for those who want the RAW, who knows maybe we'll see it in the next tournament.  I think I might count up the total votes for the losers at the end and if there's free spots in the next poll they'll get put back in.
 I'm starting to think I should put some of Gai Mizuki and Moritake's works in here even if I do eventually plan to translate them, just as motivation for me to translate them faster....or I could just get it done like I planned too there is that.

Onto the voting~
This group has one strong contender and three other "eh's"
Looking forward to who is going to take 2nd Place.
In hindsight I should've limited the amount of Takeshi Matsu's I had in the poll but considering how popular it is I'm sure people would ask "Where is X it's really good and should be in it" (actually this hasn't happened yet but WHO KNOWS).

Also a thank you for the most recent donation, the support is always greatly appreciated :)

I'm surprised that Torment got last place, I guess Chris Redfield wasn't as popular as I thought interesting....
I also kinda expected Otoko Jyuku to get 3rd but I guess since it IS a top 5 from the last poll it'll at least get out of the top32 heh

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group D

That's it for Group D! 

First Place: Ojimoe Mukku  266 votes
Second Place: Otoko Jyuku 140 votes

Our not so lucky LOSERS
Third Place: Manly Garage 96 votes
Fouth Place: Torment 61 Votes

It's time for group D!

This one is definitely one of the stronger groups out there, though I have a pretty good idea who is going to come out on top.  I'm guessing one of these here will go 3rd overall in the tournament heh.

On with the voting!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group C

Group C is complete!

First Place: A Face I Don't Recognize  97 votes
Second Place: Itsuwari 73

The fallen who will not be remembered.
Third Place: Saisyu x Takamaru 30 votes
Fouth Place: JoJo 17 Votes

This somehow turned into the "throw-away" group, you have the underdog from the Final Five from last year, two fan-art doujinshi's from series that I'm not sure anyone is familiar with.
Then finally an extremely popular jin manga wait I can't post this can I fuck I have to change this one.
THAT ASIDE so now this group is a group of spectacular non-hitters that probably won't make it very far;
Itsuwari:  our under-represented and almost forgettable 5th placer from last year,
A KOF Doujinshi: For the few people who play KOF and then the smaller few who even know who Saisyu is from the older games it's a nice manga but yeah....
Jojo: My description sums it up nothing much else to it
A Face I Don't Recognize: Anybody here a mahjong manga fan? How about mahjong manga from the 90's? Oh well I personally thought it was pretty hot but once again, compared to the star-studded cast we have in the other brackets it won't last long out in the big waters.

Who knows maybe there will be another upset but as you can see by the Group D preview anything that makes it out of that group is pretty much guaranteed to beat everything in this group, and I still haven't eaten breakfast.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oyaji/Father - Senkan Komomo, Not my translation

So someone already translated Oyaji and being the overcritical person I am I went and read it and edited a few pages before posting it here.  So despite editing like, maybe 5~6 lines the whole thing obviously was done by the talented PGPG1234, he doesn't offer much aside from his email on his credit page so I'll just use this post to express my utmost thanks in saving me the trouble in translating this and sharing this with everyone! Enjoy everyone!

The poll is of course continuing as usual and if we find more that are already translated I'll probably end up doing this again just because it'd be kind of a dick move to find it translated and then say "oh go look for it yourself".

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poll Group A Redux

Group A is finished your winners who will move on
 in the bracket are:
First Place: Love Thief! 142 votes
Second Place: Challenging the Class System! 141 votes

Our not so lucky conteders who are knocked out of the running:
Third Place: Tiger Demon 51 votes
Fourth Place: Fumble 43 votes

Alright let's try this AGAIN, and hopefully without any startling revelations that upset the delicate balance that is my semi-annual polls.

Although I doubt this will change outcome much, I'm probably going to end up posting Group B, since that one actually looks like a "real match" compared to this one haha.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Breakdown Run-Down stuffs.

Alright so here's the breakdown for how I'm going to be doing this poll.  There's going to be 8 groups of 4 and each week(maybe half-week) I'll put up a poll with one of the groups up.  The top 2 from each group will move on into another group, so then its 4 groups of 4, then 2 groups of 4 and finally one group of 4,
Then the last top 2 from the final group will face off from the top 2 from last year!  First place wins it all gets translated and happy-day we start it all over again!

Here's a little draw-up of the whole system mumbo jumbo so it all makes more sense.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sasaki x Miura Bakuman doujinshi - Shoutarou Kojima

Another little commission I was working on, Enjoy

It's a part of the series of Kojima commissions I've been releasing (the first being Hollowgram 1.5) still one left, a HirumaxMusashi short.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pheromone Boy - Akitaku Hiraku

Another commission I was working on in between releases, (Police Island PROBABLY won't be out tomorrow haha)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hanraku 6 and Hollowgram 1.5

A pair of commissions that I wasn't sure if the commissioner wanted released or not but he wanted to share the love so here you go :)

Here's Hanraku 6 (the part with Largo, the other portion is the kids from Ano Hana so that is not included)

and part "2" to Hollowgram, part 1.5.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hanayuke Ch.12

Hanayuke Ch.12!
The end of the story, wonderful and spectacularly late as well.

I am happy with this ending, I am not happy how it got there but whatever it ended. Wooh.

Katekyo is proceeding smoothly I have a wonderful diligent translator dealing with a good portion of the quizzes, and I am deciphering/translating some of the story and menu bits. Dealing with issues like two character names fitting in tiny boxes when the name in English is like 15 characters because yeah uh the names are longer in English.  So fun stuff, that aside there's a handful of commissions I'm currently bungling through and we'll see those sometime soon.

Also technically I'm not done with Hanayuke because there's the "extras" portion of Hanayuke I have to translate but we can save that and its cryptic message from the author of "this isn't the last of Hanayuke" for some other time. Whether there is more out there or not I'll worry about that after I finish these other two stories (Kensuke is nearing the end too).

So I'll see you guys all around sometime~ I need to get up to date with that semi-annual viewers poll soon too since it's getting close to the middle of the year already haha. (Given how long it takes for me to actually accomplish something that large)

Thanks for all the well-wishes guys I am unworthy of your kindness <( _ _ )> 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hanayuke Chapter 11

I managed to squeeze out another chapter before the month ended but....this chapter....*sigh*



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back in business~ AD-FREE

So all the links SHOULD be working AND AD-FREE, everything should be running swell and such so I'm back to a schedule release and if all goes well it'll be out before the month is over! If any links have ads on them let me know because they shouldn't, otherwise yeah back in the game wooh.

Google docs is being a bit fussy but I hope that everyone can see the schedule properly and it's only me that's having issues haha...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

UPDATE: Currently Translating Katekyo

Big edit:
So editing this is actually ridiculously simple the kirikiri2 system they used to program it is easy to modify, on top of that the author was nice enough not to encrypt all of the text files like in Alarune so accessing it and translating it was super simple.  So I'm going to be sticking to this one, also Masion D M is already being translated by this wonderful fellow over here, so that's why it wasn't a part of my choices.  Oremaho is currently "untranslatable" because I don't know what kind of sorcery is required to decrypt and decipher the .bin file that contains all the information from what I looked up it's a pretty extensive that's a no go for now.  

I guess if anyone out there who has experience in the code part of VNs is out there that'd be cool for now I'm not having any major issues trial and error is working out perfectly and I've managed to already fully translate one scene(I'll release it once I finish proofreading it) so I'll be fine with flying solo perusual for the rest of this if nothing comes up.  Just got contacted by a swell fellow and working out the details on teaming up.

For everyone worrying if this will impact my progress with all the other crap I should be doing don't worry this probably won't pick up speed for awhile and by then we'll be back on a regular "schedule" in fact a good 30%+ of the links are already ad-free and using Anonymouz's hosting services. So yeah that'll be all okay.