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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hanayuke Chapter 11

I managed to squeeze out another chapter before the month ended but....this chapter....*sigh*




  1. New translations on two consecutive days - supersonic!

  2. Eventhough the arrival of Teppei kinda ruin the plot, but it does enhance the romance between the two lead, and I really like it. Kanta apparently is 'obsessed' with Teppei, perhaps because he's the first one to pop his cherry. And although some people might not like it, seeing Shuuji goes berserk at him was a nice thing, perhaps my favorite scene of this chapter hahaha.

  3. i think its better to upload the files on putlocker
    its better than midiafire.. cuase midiafire is not good like before,..also if its possible you share with us some good bara sites.. thanks