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Saturday, January 26, 2013

UPDATE: Currently Translating Katekyo

Big edit:
So editing this is actually ridiculously simple the kirikiri2 system they used to program it is easy to modify, on top of that the author was nice enough not to encrypt all of the text files like in Alarune so accessing it and translating it was super simple.  So I'm going to be sticking to this one, also Masion D M is already being translated by this wonderful fellow over here, so that's why it wasn't a part of my choices.  Oremaho is currently "untranslatable" because I don't know what kind of sorcery is required to decrypt and decipher the .bin file that contains all the information from what I looked up it's a pretty extensive that's a no go for now.  

I guess if anyone out there who has experience in the code part of VNs is out there that'd be cool for now I'm not having any major issues trial and error is working out perfectly and I've managed to already fully translate one scene(I'll release it once I finish proofreading it) so I'll be fine with flying solo perusual for the rest of this if nothing comes up.  Just got contacted by a swell fellow and working out the details on teaming up.

For everyone worrying if this will impact my progress with all the other crap I should be doing don't worry this probably won't pick up speed for awhile and by then we'll be back on a regular "schedule" in fact a good 30%+ of the links are already ad-free and using Anonymouz's hosting services. So yeah that'll be all okay. 


  1. there is no shota in Maison De M, and it got a really cute plot.

  2. already being translated by a nice fellow over here

  3. god, i played this game and the questions left me knocking my head into the wall, while the Google translate and the wiki watch me with sad eyes XD
    i was lucky that i didn't care about the stories of the other ppl except the teacher, so i just answered his questions and ignored the rest ^^

  4. I have Wrest Fight and the files, but i don't know how to translate the game :/