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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hanraku 6 and Hollowgram 1.5

A pair of commissions that I wasn't sure if the commissioner wanted released or not but he wanted to share the love so here you go :)

Here's Hanraku 6 (the part with Largo, the other portion is the kids from Ano Hana so that is not included)

and part "2" to Hollowgram, part 1.5.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hanayuke Ch.12

Hanayuke Ch.12!
The end of the story, wonderful and spectacularly late as well.

I am happy with this ending, I am not happy how it got there but whatever it ended. Wooh.

Katekyo is proceeding smoothly I have a wonderful diligent translator dealing with a good portion of the quizzes, and I am deciphering/translating some of the story and menu bits. Dealing with issues like two character names fitting in tiny boxes when the name in English is like 15 characters because yeah uh the names are longer in English.  So fun stuff, that aside there's a handful of commissions I'm currently bungling through and we'll see those sometime soon.

Also technically I'm not done with Hanayuke because there's the "extras" portion of Hanayuke I have to translate but we can save that and its cryptic message from the author of "this isn't the last of Hanayuke" for some other time. Whether there is more out there or not I'll worry about that after I finish these other two stories (Kensuke is nearing the end too).

So I'll see you guys all around sometime~ I need to get up to date with that semi-annual viewers poll soon too since it's getting close to the middle of the year already haha. (Given how long it takes for me to actually accomplish something that large)

Thanks for all the well-wishes guys I am unworthy of your kindness <( _ _ )>