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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group G

Group G is GONE! 

First Place: Let's Go Family! 257 votes
Second Place: Kippered Kip gotcha 240 votes

The goners
Third Place: Perversion Teacher 222 votes
Fouth Place: Forgetful Gorilla 59 Votes

I'm sad another AG work got knocked out but it was a close fight so it's okay.  Kippered Kip gotcha is pretty nice there's also a sequel that I guess I'll stick in with it later on.

Group G, second to last group uh yeah.
Vote away? wooh~

There is ONE FREE SPOT so if there is anything in the polls you don't see that you'd like to see translated post it in the chat or here and I'll just pick out of that (or see if I even have it heh) I'd prefer it wasn't a part of the big three (Takeshi Matsu/Tsukasa Matsuzaki/Gai Mizuki) but anything else is up for grabs at this point.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Direction They Face - Shoutaroh kojima

Another release! So many....and it's not Policeman Island but it is Musashi! So that's better! (although I guess with Hiruma maybe that lessens it but it's nice enough)
Well enjoy I'll be working on Policeman Island intermittently throughout the day.

Also to whoever commissioned this your email address stopped working so...uh hope you're still alive? D: (man that makes me sound awful they only commissioned it with the miura+hollowgram thing like a month ago)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hanayuke - AFTERWORD (Extras)

Ok, now I want you all to listen to me very carefully,
I do not have A SINGLE CLUE to exactly what he means when he says "we're not done with Hanayuke yet (literally translates to Hanayuke is not over yet!)" SO if you want to know if there is some kind of wacky continuation or there I have no idea! At all! Maybe there is some magical sequel that they're planning but I do not know of it! That's all! Hanayuke to me IS DONE and WILL BE DONE until further notice. *phew*

Also there was a lot of liberties taken in this translation and I am 100% I made some terribly awful mistakes with him explaining the relationship//social lives of his friends/co-workers! SO this was a reminder once again that my Japanese really only functions properly in reference to porn and...isn't really socially applicable or usable outside this medium. YAY \(⌐■_■)/

Monday, May 20, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group F

Group F is FINITO! 

First Place: Mukai Motono's Situation 166 votes
Second Place: Fighting Dog 149 votes

The finished
Third Place: Bumpin' Balls 48 votes
Fouth Place: Conquering Tentacle 28 Votes

With this group over I'm happy with the results, a little sad that Bumpin' Balls lost(AG artwork is pretty awesome), glad Kojima's tentacle thing lost because it was pretty cliche/lackluster. Super-glad Mukai Motono go so much popularity hopefully it gets farther heh.

Group F got restarted because Slanted Frenzy is translating part 2 of Fighting Dog! So I'm putting PART ONE up for grabs.
Group F begins now!
We've got another "average" group, but at least in this group none of them, to me at least, stand out over the other so it looks to be pretty close.  Fighting Dog is a sequel but I lost the first part somewhere(although I highly doubt the plot is relevant enough that it warrants finding)....I'll have to dig it up in case it actually wins.

I actually made a little slip-up with the groups and swapped the last spot of Group F and Group G but oh well.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group E

That's it for Group E! 

First Place: Professor Makumakuran 212 votes
Second Place: Akatsuki 140 votes

The dropouts
Third Place: Coach's Misfortune 109 votes
Fouth Place: Espoir 8 Votes

Omg rofl no one cares one bit about Romancing saga hahaha
wow eight votes, that's so sad. Poor Espoir......Coach's Misfortune was serialized in the G-Men Gaho 5 (GG5) for those who want the RAW, who knows maybe we'll see it in the next tournament.  I think I might count up the total votes for the losers at the end and if there's free spots in the next poll they'll get put back in.
 I'm starting to think I should put some of Gai Mizuki and Moritake's works in here even if I do eventually plan to translate them, just as motivation for me to translate them faster....or I could just get it done like I planned too there is that.

Onto the voting~
This group has one strong contender and three other "eh's"
Looking forward to who is going to take 2nd Place.
In hindsight I should've limited the amount of Takeshi Matsu's I had in the poll but considering how popular it is I'm sure people would ask "Where is X it's really good and should be in it" (actually this hasn't happened yet but WHO KNOWS).

Also a thank you for the most recent donation, the support is always greatly appreciated :)

I'm surprised that Torment got last place, I guess Chris Redfield wasn't as popular as I thought interesting....
I also kinda expected Otoko Jyuku to get 3rd but I guess since it IS a top 5 from the last poll it'll at least get out of the top32 heh

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group D

That's it for Group D! 

First Place: Ojimoe Mukku  266 votes
Second Place: Otoko Jyuku 140 votes

Our not so lucky LOSERS
Third Place: Manly Garage 96 votes
Fouth Place: Torment 61 Votes

It's time for group D!

This one is definitely one of the stronger groups out there, though I have a pretty good idea who is going to come out on top.  I'm guessing one of these here will go 3rd overall in the tournament heh.

On with the voting!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group C

Group C is complete!

First Place: A Face I Don't Recognize  97 votes
Second Place: Itsuwari 73

The fallen who will not be remembered.
Third Place: Saisyu x Takamaru 30 votes
Fouth Place: JoJo 17 Votes

This somehow turned into the "throw-away" group, you have the underdog from the Final Five from last year, two fan-art doujinshi's from series that I'm not sure anyone is familiar with.
Then finally an extremely popular jin manga wait I can't post this can I fuck I have to change this one.
THAT ASIDE so now this group is a group of spectacular non-hitters that probably won't make it very far;
Itsuwari:  our under-represented and almost forgettable 5th placer from last year,
A KOF Doujinshi: For the few people who play KOF and then the smaller few who even know who Saisyu is from the older games it's a nice manga but yeah....
Jojo: My description sums it up nothing much else to it
A Face I Don't Recognize: Anybody here a mahjong manga fan? How about mahjong manga from the 90's? Oh well I personally thought it was pretty hot but once again, compared to the star-studded cast we have in the other brackets it won't last long out in the big waters.

Who knows maybe there will be another upset but as you can see by the Group D preview anything that makes it out of that group is pretty much guaranteed to beat everything in this group, and I still haven't eaten breakfast.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oyaji/Father - Senkan Komomo, Not my translation

So someone already translated Oyaji and being the overcritical person I am I went and read it and edited a few pages before posting it here.  So despite editing like, maybe 5~6 lines the whole thing obviously was done by the talented PGPG1234, he doesn't offer much aside from his email on his credit page so I'll just use this post to express my utmost thanks in saving me the trouble in translating this and sharing this with everyone! Enjoy everyone!

The poll is of course continuing as usual and if we find more that are already translated I'll probably end up doing this again just because it'd be kind of a dick move to find it translated and then say "oh go look for it yourself".

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poll Group A Redux

Group A is finished your winners who will move on
 in the bracket are:
First Place: Love Thief! 142 votes
Second Place: Challenging the Class System! 141 votes

Our not so lucky conteders who are knocked out of the running:
Third Place: Tiger Demon 51 votes
Fourth Place: Fumble 43 votes

Alright let's try this AGAIN, and hopefully without any startling revelations that upset the delicate balance that is my semi-annual polls.

Although I doubt this will change outcome much, I'm probably going to end up posting Group B, since that one actually looks like a "real match" compared to this one haha.