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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hanayuke - AFTERWORD (Extras)

Ok, now I want you all to listen to me very carefully,
I do not have A SINGLE CLUE to exactly what he means when he says "we're not done with Hanayuke yet (literally translates to Hanayuke is not over yet!)" SO if you want to know if there is some kind of wacky continuation or there I have no idea! At all! Maybe there is some magical sequel that they're planning but I do not know of it! That's all! Hanayuke to me IS DONE and WILL BE DONE until further notice. *phew*

Also there was a lot of liberties taken in this translation and I am 100% I made some terribly awful mistakes with him explaining the relationship//social lives of his friends/co-workers! SO this was a reminder once again that my Japanese really only functions properly in reference to porn and...isn't really socially applicable or usable outside this medium. YAY \(⌐■_■)/

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  1. Possibility of releasing a batch of all the chapters?