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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poll Group A Redux

Group A is finished your winners who will move on
 in the bracket are:
First Place: Love Thief! 142 votes
Second Place: Challenging the Class System! 141 votes

Our not so lucky conteders who are knocked out of the running:
Third Place: Tiger Demon 51 votes
Fourth Place: Fumble 43 votes

Alright let's try this AGAIN, and hopefully without any startling revelations that upset the delicate balance that is my semi-annual polls.

Although I doubt this will change outcome much, I'm probably going to end up posting Group B, since that one actually looks like a "real match" compared to this one haha.


  1. Love "Love Thief" but can't resist Terujirou's works
    P/s: I <3 U & Ur blog

  2. Love Thief, Love Thief, Love Thief!!

  3. I think that "chalenging the class sistem" is going to be even better than the others... the story and the drawing of the chars are a little more interesting to me.

  4. wtf ahaha! love thief won after all xD

  5. Anybody Know who is the artist of Challange of the class system? :3 thank you ^3^