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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group C

Group C is complete!

First Place: A Face I Don't Recognize  97 votes
Second Place: Itsuwari 73

The fallen who will not be remembered.
Third Place: Saisyu x Takamaru 30 votes
Fouth Place: JoJo 17 Votes

This somehow turned into the "throw-away" group, you have the underdog from the Final Five from last year, two fan-art doujinshi's from series that I'm not sure anyone is familiar with.
Then finally an extremely popular jin manga wait I can't post this can I fuck I have to change this one.
THAT ASIDE so now this group is a group of spectacular non-hitters that probably won't make it very far;
Itsuwari:  our under-represented and almost forgettable 5th placer from last year,
A KOF Doujinshi: For the few people who play KOF and then the smaller few who even know who Saisyu is from the older games it's a nice manga but yeah....
Jojo: My description sums it up nothing much else to it
A Face I Don't Recognize: Anybody here a mahjong manga fan? How about mahjong manga from the 90's? Oh well I personally thought it was pretty hot but once again, compared to the star-studded cast we have in the other brackets it won't last long out in the big waters.

Who knows maybe there will be another upset but as you can see by the Group D preview anything that makes it out of that group is pretty much guaranteed to beat everything in this group, and I still haven't eaten breakfast.


  1. I'll probably go with the mahjong one, cause the guy on the image looks hot xD

  2. I think the poll is down, can't vote >.< Or is there some other problem?