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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group E

That's it for Group E! 

First Place: Professor Makumakuran 212 votes
Second Place: Akatsuki 140 votes

The dropouts
Third Place: Coach's Misfortune 109 votes
Fouth Place: Espoir 8 Votes

Omg rofl no one cares one bit about Romancing saga hahaha
wow eight votes, that's so sad. Poor Espoir......Coach's Misfortune was serialized in the G-Men Gaho 5 (GG5) for those who want the RAW, who knows maybe we'll see it in the next tournament.  I think I might count up the total votes for the losers at the end and if there's free spots in the next poll they'll get put back in.
 I'm starting to think I should put some of Gai Mizuki and Moritake's works in here even if I do eventually plan to translate them, just as motivation for me to translate them faster....or I could just get it done like I planned too there is that.

Onto the voting~
This group has one strong contender and three other "eh's"
Looking forward to who is going to take 2nd Place.
In hindsight I should've limited the amount of Takeshi Matsu's I had in the poll but considering how popular it is I'm sure people would ask "Where is X it's really good and should be in it" (actually this hasn't happened yet but WHO KNOWS).

Also a thank you for the most recent donation, the support is always greatly appreciated :)

I'm surprised that Torment got last place, I guess Chris Redfield wasn't as popular as I thought interesting....
I also kinda expected Otoko Jyuku to get 3rd but I guess since it IS a top 5 from the last poll it'll at least get out of the top32 heh

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  1. hmm who is the artist of Coach's Misfortune?