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Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing Wrong With Constant Competition! - Takeshi Matsu

THIS STORY omg I am dying. (fixed the untranslated page)
The main characters are personified version of three video game consoles.  You have the short guy is the Wii  (Ui pronounced the same) Hako  (XBOX because Hako = box in Japanese) and Sutezou(PS3 = I don't get this one if its supposed to be a joke. (Pu)Hurei Sutezou sounds like Playstation)  and just a spoiler for the ending the guy ends up red-ringing because he had sex. There's an untranslated line on one of these pages because I couldnt read the handwritten kanji I'll fix it one of these days.  It probably was just another obscure joke that I totally wouldve ended up butchering anyways.  Seriously that duck line or w/e I made that I up I have no idea who Ahiru-chan is supposed to be.



  1. PS3's Japanese name, that I can see on page 157 since it's the raw in your release for some reason, is Fu Rei Sute 3. Playstations also go by PuReSute, so...
    Ahiru-chan is probably Pocha Pocha Ahiru-chan which a cursory search seems to indicate that it was used as a basis for tech demos for the PS3
    The line on page 144 looks like 家金持ちだからあせんねーし

  2. I may be trippin', but if you pronunce Hurei Sutezou, doesn't it sound like Playstation said with a japanese accent? Maybe that's the joke.

  3. i will buy an Xbox if i get that hot guy XD

  4. Replies
    1. yeah the furigana for his name was sutezou in the raws so it didn't even cross my mind until they pointed out the "hu/purei" part haha