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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group H

Group H is a word that starts with H that means OVER!

First Place: Dangerous Relationship 228 votes
Second Place: Working Out 188 votes

The haiboku 敗北(はいぼく)
(it means defeat/ed in japanese)
Third Place: Banker Kuryuu Koushi 130 votes
Fouth Place: Pokemon Doujin Trio 97 Votes

A work by Takeshi Matsu getting knocked out in Ro32 and by TWO NEW CHALLENGERS that I totally added at the last second?! What an upset! Pokemon lost but we'll do something about that poor Pokemon.

This is the end of the Ro32 the last Group, Group H!  I had to dig around for the last 3 spots (two of them are partially translated already) Outside Work is out there somewhere....I partially translated it as like my first translation ever and never actually finished it.  I'll be translating Dangerous Relationship from where it was left off at chapter...3 I think and I'll finish the other 3 stories in Working Out.

Group G was really close 2nd and 3rd was so close I kinda feel bad because each time I checked the results changed (I really should make a specific deadline instead of just one day)

After this we'll be moving on to the Ro16! Those who dominated their starting group will have to face real opponents now!


  1. Leon, I don't know if I'll kill you or kiss you! This group has some of the doujin that I want the most to see translated xD.....

  2. Abunai Kankei (Dangerous Relationship)!!!

  3. Can anyone tell me where I can get the other "Working Out" stories, the ones translated. And I hope it wins so I get the others translated as well.

  4. Could u email me the pokemon bara doujins

    1. U really cant find any pokemon bara doujins