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Friday, June 14, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll Group I

Group I is.... its done!

First Place: Dad's Disgraceful Life 192 votes
Second Place: Challenging the Class System 176 votes

Third Place: Love Thief 163 votes
Fouth Place: GHSP 84 Votes
So I was totally expecting TMatsu to make it out of this group and with the Terujirou comic but wow it got eliminated just like that.  Even FUNNIER is that the 2nd place for both their groups ended up winning, I would've thought at least one of them would make it out but that doesn't seem to be the case haha.  That being said though theres still 2 other TMatsu comics around for you Matsu fans to fight over.  Poor GHSP(or is it GSHP I dunno) you fought honorably, but there s still another naop left but the chances of it making it out of Group K seem very slim. (and wow there really is a high chance of this being Takeshi Matsu finals roflmao)

Round of 16 is starting! Our champions of their own groups from the first round are now off to face TRUE WINNERS not challengers that I selected somewhat randomly from stuff that's not translated. Each of these four could easily take the top four! Let's get this poll started!

I'll be adding a list of the losers and what might happen to them so you guys can give google them a give them pity fap in their unworthy and untranslated form.

Group A: 
Title: Fumble Artist: 平ひろ
Title: 虎鬼妖譚 Artist: 羽左カスミ
Group B: 
Title: 木葉髭情歌 弐  Artist: Meguro 目黒 
Title: エロ王の碌でもない軍勢+ Artist: Yuuki Haruka 結城はるか
Group C: 
Title: 前立腺をコリコリしているぞジョジョーッ! Artist: よいしょ53
Title: Itsuwari/Fabrication (Found in Macho Type 16) Artist: Kijima Hyougo‎ 鬼嶋兵伍
Group D: 
Title: 虐 (Torment) Artist:  AG(Absolute Guardian) & Ron9
Title: Manly Garage (Found in G-Men Gaho 6 GG6) Artist: 兵良雷蔵 raiT
Group E: 
Title: Espoir Artist: ??
Title: Coach's Misfortune (Found in G-Men Gaho 5 GG5) Artist: ばんじゃく Banjaku
Group F: 
Title: Bumpin Balls Artist: AG(Absolute Guardian) 
Title: (Conquering Tentacles) 征服触手 Artist: Kojima Shoutarou
Group G: 
Title: (Gorilla) 健忘ゴリラはバナナの夢を見るか? Artist: Sakura さくら
Title: Perversion Teacher Artist: AG(Absolute Guardian) 
Group H: 
Title: Kuryuu Koushi Artist: Takeshi Matsu
Title: だいたいあってる// とれまん//そこに穴があるから掘る Artist: 英吉



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