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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll - Group M

That's the end of Group M
First Place: Ojimoe Mukku 389 votes
Second Place: Dad's Disgraceful Life 370 votes

Third Place: Challenging the Class System 284 votes
Fouth Place: Otoko Jyuku 142 Votes

I'm surprised that Dad's Disgraceful Life is still in and that it lost to Challenging the Class System. Takeshi Matsu taking first was no surprise though and it looks like we may really have Takeshi Matsu finals oh boy.

The start of the top 8! I'll update the overall results afterwards.
Let's get to voting!


  1. Dads disgracefull life looks great :D

  2. request :)
    Ojimoe Mukku
    Challenging the Class System
    Otoko Jyuku
    add them also on your MEGA Cloud Drive list.
    thanks leon! :)