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Monday, July 29, 2013

Semi-Annual Poll - Group N

First Place: Dangerous Relationship 367 votes
Second Place: Professor Makumakuran 303 votes

Third Place: Let's Go Family 156 votes
Fouth Place: Akatsuki 131 Votes

I'm pretty upset that Let's Go Family lost, it's pretty cute (despite it being the "same old same old" from kazuhide ichikawa, creativity does win bonus points though considering how wacky the plot TMatsu's work is, although it helps that it's Takeshi Matsu writing it I'm sure, haha)
We are guaranteed a Takeshi Matsu finals (technically Tsukasa Matsuzaki is in the other one so I guess its acceptable but *sigh* I need to be more wary of these things)

Let's get the final group of the top 8 going!
 I'm still undecided on how I'm going to work out the top 4 since they're all obviously fan favorites so having just one "winner" would be unfortunate. I'll be saving that big decision for when the winners of the last poll are decided thogh.


  1. I think i would go for the Akatsuki :]

  2. Dangerous relationship coz its funny..

  3. Does anyone know the artist's name of Akatuski or where I could find the raw?

  4. request :) i hope there is
    Professor Makumakuran
    Let's Go Family
    in your MEGA Cloud drive. because Dangerous Relationship only is on your list. i am curios with those three and i want to read them also.
    thanks leon! :)