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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

About Posting RAWs

I think now is a better time than ever to explain why I don't post the RAWs for stuff I'm about to or currently translating on here.  I consider this to be a translation blog, and back in the early days of forming this I saw a lot of hybrid blogs get shut down because they would post RAWs along with a few translations.  So I'd like to think that since I'm posting something that by some little degree qualifies as my own work I'm avoiding getting shut down.
 Because of that I try to at least direct people in the right location of finding RAWs etc for those who (like myself) prefer reading it in Japanese instead of someone elses interpretation or translation.

Now right now there's a bit of "controversy" going on with the new Jiraiya book in that I'm about to translate it but there aren't any RAWs that I can direct people to.  That's simply because the person who I got the RAWs from requested me not to, and since it is his property I can't really do anything about that (It'd be the same as me borrowing a friends comic book and then sharing it with all of my friends only at a much larger magnitude).

So that's the whole run-down thanks for reading this I'll sticky this at the top of my blog just for future reference.

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